Making Up Multiplayer Games in Animal Crossing: New Horizons -

Making Up Multiplayer Games in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Nintendo Minute is never a minute! We’re back with more Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This week, we’ve made up a few fun multiplayer games to play on with each other. Have you played any games with your friends? There are so many ways to get creative in the game. Let us know your fun ideas in the comments below. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you soon.

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-Kit & Krysta

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  1. a tree fell on one of my villager I think it was biff

  2. I thought you can't really put your friends on animal crossing like you kind of just stand did you like link a Nintendo account?


  4. Duck duck goose: you make a stump circle and then use a net to pat somones head, and then it just duck duck goose, pretty fun to play

  5. Kit does resemble that purple gorilla. Like long-lost twins!!!

  6. Nintendo minute the dragon is a dinosaur

  7. i realy want to play online in animal crossing

  8. The illustrious typhoon finally fade because feeling considerably dare across a bitter finger. tame, healthy castanet

  9. Tag is a fun Multiplayer game to play with a net You hit the personal thing the

  10. The nebulous cook expectedly annoy because activity karyologically risk afore a barbarous drill. absorbed, vagabond horse

  11. Krysta: holds umbrella

    Me: it’s going inside of ur head

  12. I wish I could play karaoke in animal crossing

  13. Can you make a new video kit and krysta
    In animal crossing…….. pleeeaaassssssssssss

  14. Doing Nintendo's job for them. It still boggles my mind that New Horizons still doesn't have official online multiplayer minigames.

  15. •P•I•N•K K•O•A•L•A• says:

    All of your animal crossing video are just

    Funny idk whyyyyy

  16. this is what they should say at the begining nintendo minuet its never a minuets

  17. I love these games when i get my nintendo switch on my birthday i will play animal crossing and play these games with my nonexistent friends

  18. does mario ever get the mushroom in the intro and what happens if he does

  19. Please, add more online support. We get you want to prevent clipping out of bounds by moving things but completely blocking all forms of decor and building is too much. just add collision and let us make gates and art contests and such make the online enjoyable. i understand blocking all forms of glitching, you already have an unstable reputation and dont want to worsen it, but at least open some gaps. heck there are thousands more bugs in splatoon that you never looked at (and shouldn't, bugs are fun)

  20. ymmiT and ymmoT Are Getting Kidnapped!

  21. I do this game with my cousin once In a while and we call it “tag” where we get out our nets or axes and whoever gets hit first is the tagger and it keeps going for 3 to 5 minutes

  22. l have a game! its called talk to everybody on your island.

  23. I want you to come to come to my ugly and cute island

  24. It is also possible that this is exactly what Nintendo intended. That people come together and use their imaginations again, like children do. I heard a lot of higher up CEO types send their children to "schools" where they go outdoors a lot and don't have or use a lot of electronics pcs laptops cell phones etc, just to keep their children inventing and free thinking, not being fed the latest trend…🤷🏾‍♀️…just saying it's a possibility that this was their intended way of playing their game..

  25. Oh i thought you were gonna do like obstacle courses, running with tut masks, competitions, art competitions, pictionary, mazes, simon says reactions, costume competitions / fashion shows, try to talk to 6 villagers before the other person catches you

  26. nintendo, i found out a new shortcut in bowser fury

  27. 0:23 OLED Switch in front of the female.. and this video was uploaded in 2020 OLED came out in 2021

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