Lvl 2 Player One-shot a Minotaur?! -

Lvl 2 Player One-shot a Minotaur?!

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  1. 26×2= 52 not 46 what am I missing? Is he just bad at math or am I not getting how crit works…. also if you do more than 50% of a creatures hp in one attack do monsters still have to roll a fort check to resist death?

  2. The only thing that makes sense is if they meant rouge 2/ Cleric 2

  3. Unless they roll for the Minotaur's health instead of the book set health

  4. One of the minotaurs starts with like 25-30 health. Or at least did in my play through

  5. If they had a starting feat, sharpshooter adds +10 (assuming longbow instead of rapier). Still not enough, but misinterpreting a crit to double the full damage instead of just the dice would cover it

  6. You're assuming they used a regular weapon attack. I 1shot a mini-boss using a joke-wand that the DM gave us. It grew magic beanstalks on target. I cast fly, went up super high, had him chase me riding his wyvern… sent my invisible imp right into it's mouth and bippity-boppity-booyah! Turns out that a wyvern can't contain a 100ft beanstalk and that fall damage is a bitch 😂

  7. Got a firbolg forge cleric buddy. He does like 86 damage in a turn at lvl 6

  8. Maybe misunderstanding sneak attack? crit inflict wounds 6d10+ 2d6sneak +2d6 searing smite? Doubled dice for sake of crit

  9. Maybe they mean he solo'd the minotaur. Or maybe he killed a 'mini'taur ;p

  10. My issue with this is, that this really seems off. I mean, you can interpret this so many ways, that the question itself became meaningless. Is he 2 levels in both classes? Because then thats a pretty doable thing. Does he have any magic items? Does he have any Homebrew? Are they using the rules correctly? What weapon does he use? What the fuck has being a wood elf to do with this? Maybe the health was rolled?

    I for one think that this question needs to be rephrased before being answered. I mean, it could mean a ton of things. In this answer, possible party buffs and potions as well as poisons and feats were not even considered – which is very understandable. Because, I definitly see a scenario, where he has 2 levels in both classes, has a +1 bow and crits on a sneak attack and then uses his extra attack feature to attack again. Rogues in general can be pretty OP and war clerics aren't to be trifled with. Or maybe the math was just done wrong. Or it wasn't a "One Hit" but more of a serious blow, dealing enough damage to kill it after one other party member shot at it. Or maybe it was inflict wounds done wrong. Or a different misunderstanding, like levelling up in both classes at the same time and gaining both classes benefits.

  11. They could have just rolled the minotaur's health, instead of using the average. If they rolled it, the health could have been lower than what would normally be in the stat block. It could have simply been the DM making a choice that led to a slightly weaker minotaur. I'm just spitballing.

  12. Gives little brother vorpal dagger
    “Help Cinder! The rules are broken!”

  13. not to be that girl but your math is wrong, the crit would be 52 no 46 still not enough to kill the minotaur but still more than you gave credit for

  14. Was it a minotaur built using the PC stat block?

  15. Was it a minotaur built using the PC stat block?

  16. Even for a 3.5 ed main, the math ain't math'en

  17. Even for a 3.5 ed main, the math ain't math'en

  18. Yeah they definitely got a homebrew item/skill/spell/ability that they aren’t telling

  19. Grave cleric gives any enemy vulnerability to any one damage type, effectively doubling the damage dealt. Could be that

  20. People don’t take into account prep time in Dnd. Maybe he drank a potion of some kind beforehand, were his weapons coated in poisons or oils? Was the Minotaur sleeping and therefore prone? Did he cast bless on himself or bane on the enemy? Did he use his bonus action to shove the Minotaur, causing more fall damage than a level 2 could apply with a weapon?

  21. Hey Cinder,
    I call on the benevolent head of DnD wisdom for help with a brewing problem. I am running a game with four players, three of which love all things role play and gladly take the opportunity to engage with the world whilst my last one not so much. He's a numbers guy and just likes big damage numbers, he plays optimally in combat and that's his fun. He just wants chunky monsters to kill. Everyone is CURRENTLY having fun but how can I make fun combats for everyone when he can oneshot their type of enemies and his type of enemy would waffle stomp the others? I would be fine but he's started "suggesting" how the others should play during fights/ build their characters in order for them to survive.

  22. Could be crit inflict wounds or guiding bolt and crit and then used their bonus action to attack(incorrect ruling but considering bg 3 it might have been changed for that table) and because of surprise managed to crit again then 6d10+4d6 can deal 76 damage.

  23. Perhaps there is some sort of pre-buffint shenanigans going on, but in 5e, one spellcaster can only use one buff spell at a time usually, with exception to very few spells like Mage Armor. Outside of complete homebrew like level 1 feats, or magic items they should not have yet, I think the most likely culprit is a misunderstanding of the rules, yeah

  24. Dear cinder. How donyou run PC as old men?

  25. Plot twist: DM used goblin stats so it would be level appropriate but wanted it to be a minotaur as part of the storyline.

  26. issue is he could be using a war bow or using a great weapon

  27. If she rougue can he be archer since wood elves get a bonus to archery?

  28. or the person doesnt understand what a one shot it

  29. I thought he got MC wrong and was lvl 2 cleric lvl 2 rogue with path to the grave double dmg + sneak attack critt

  30. Are you factoring in possible party buffs on him?

  31. So I'm thinking war cleric who cast divine favour before combat and using a longbow and rogue while stealthed 2d8 2d4 plus 1d6 dammage. 30 dammage base with both crits 60 dammage with plus 10 from dex from both attacks. 70.add alittle poison to those arrows and boom you have another 2d4 doubled or 86 dammage that could have been done in 1 round. If done correctly with alittle prep and luck you can 1 shot a minotaur in 1 round as a level2 rogue war cleric wood elf multiclass. Rules as written. And no fancy items. Just 1 vial of basic poison which is not hard to obtain. If it was undead or fiend they could have ceremony and made holy water and it would have been even easier.

  32. Yeah, outside of homebrew shenanigans, it's not possible for a Level 2 Rouge/Cleric to one-shot a minotaur (assuming minotaur is average HP). It's possible that they accidentally thought multi-classing meant having two classes at once and is thus a Rouge 2/ Cleric 2 (Not how the rules work but it would explain a misunderstanding leading to this)

  33. Or it was a rule of cool thing. Not sure what the 3.0 stat block was, but I had an elf wizard stuck in an anti-magic field arena with a minotaur at level 3. Though I had a lot of higher than average stats on my rolls, so I also had like 14 or 15 strength.
    Anyway, initiative is rolled, I pole vault onto his shoulders using my staff, he hits me for most of my health, I make a strength check to snap his neck. Minotaur slumps to the ground.

    I figure I was initially supposed to lose the fight, but the DM just ran with it because it sounded cooler than whatever they cooked up.

  34. Aren't you on record saying hit points are just a suggestion tho lol

  35. I guess it could be a misread sneakattack+inflict wounds crit

  36. My guess would be that they don't know the rules properly.

    He's probably doing sneak attack twice. Like two weapon fighting with shortswords but not understanding how it works, so doing sneak attack on both. Also, if they went death or grave cleric they might be using their channel divinity because they don't understanding multiclassing?

    I've seen a new player cast guiding bolt 4 times on one turn because he thought that the war cleric bonus action attack meant he could do WIS mod extra "attacks" on one turn with his bonus action…

  37. I have an idea for a character but I don't know how to create them in game

    some sort of sorcerer that uses magic to mostly buff themselves and then uses fists to fight

  38. got a lvl 1 gnoll barbarian player to kill a minotaur skeleton, they were passing through some ruins in the desert, and like… HE JUST FUCKING KILLED THE DUDE IN 2 TURNS! THE WHOLE PARTY KNOCKED OUT, NO ONE LANDED A SHOT, AND HE GOES AND KILLS IT SINGLEHANDEDLY

  39. Unless he's using the stupid crit cards and got x4 dmg but you are just asking for trouble if you use those things lol😂

  40. He cut a rope and dropped a piano on his head while the Minotaur was unaware. And the piano was rigged with explosives and on fire.

  41. Maybe he staffed sneaked the minatour I managed to kill a level 4 Barbarion when dm one on one using regular goblin and just letting sneaking in the forest keep in mind the 4 goblins had 8 health and I forget but managable ac but were just good at sneaking

  42. I mean to be fair you can’t actually die of shock so he might be being realistic. If you take half of the damage needed to kill you all at once. It can sometimes kill you through sheer pain.

  43. Lets tackle this from a different angel, lets assume they mean one-turn when they mean 'one-shot' allowing us to use our bonus action instead of trying to compact everything into one attack. Lets go war domain instead for a bonus action attack with their domain.

    Lets assume they precast divine favor from the war caster before they engaged.

    Now the new maximum of he critted both attacks and maxed out the damage would be this

    1st attack: 2d8+2d6+2d4+5
    2nd attack: 2d8 +2d4+5
    Total if maxed would be: 16+16+12+8+8+5+5 for a total of 70 hp!

    Still not enough to kill the average minotaur unless the DM rolles their HP and got a low roll for their minotaur.

    BUT! If they were simply a bugbear, he could potentially one turn the minotaur with that additional 2d6 sneak attack from the bugbear, turning into a 4d6 upon a crit.

  44. 26×2=52

    Is dnd math different or did I just miss something?

  45. “How do I nerf the game for my brother?”

    Read a fucking rule book and stop letting him have op homebrew shit HE made up. I suspect what this DM really means is “how do I say no”.

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