Little Nightmares III - The Necropolis: 2-Players Co-Op Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5 & PS4 Games -

Little Nightmares III – The Necropolis: 2-Players Co-Op Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5 & PS4 Games

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Join Low and Alone as they attempt to face the many hidden hazards of the Necropolis. They’ll need to creep carefully, though… No one gets to toddle through Monster Baby’s playground without a little game of hide and seek.

This first look gameplay walkthrough was captured on a pre-alpha build of Little Nightmares III, with two players using the new co-op mode.

Little Nightmares III is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. #LittleNightmares III

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  1. I really hope there will be voicechat or just simply a chat system to be able to communicate with the player you're playing with as it is online after all

  2. That monster look like medusa turn citizen into stone, they trying to run.
    -Just theory

  3. The End of the World because The Lady and Thin man.

  4. I an so excited for this game. Love ln1 and ln2. So I know this part 3 is gonna be amazing

  5. Medusa is back for more stones people.😅😅

  6. Man that ladder climb… "What a thrill"

  7. I have some ideas for little nightmare 4 so it will be a main character and he will be in City what's a bunch of new monsters

  8. PLEASE, Don't Say We Need Co op To Play This..


  9. Me encanta lo que veo ❤

  10. Was kinda hoping they wouldn't go to co op with other players but like nah I know it'll be awesome but now I know my ex is gonna play with her new boyfriend so………yea……..

  11. I'm so stoked
    I dint even know it was coming this early 😮🎉❤

  12. また荒廃した街に送られたもんだ、多分最後に救われない気持ちにさせられるんだろな(笑)

  13. Ohmygosh I wasn’t expecting this but I’m sososo excited in tears!!!

  14. This game is the reason I bought gaming laptop to enjoy it

  15. Атмосферно, мрачно, зрелищно!!!

  16. Im opssessed with the environment of this game , its somehow As if time has stopped

  17. This feels more like spec ops the line

  18. Does anyone think it looks like pale city from ln2? Msybe it became that way when the tower was destroyed

  19. shooting the rope to drop the box animation has no weight, that should definitely be reanimated because it looks way to silly for a series known for its amazing emersion

  20. Wow this was a boring gameplay. I love the series but can we maybe get a more exciting trailer? Clearly nothing has changed in the gameplay mechanics so how about showing something new

  21. A find aún error in the game. The rocks that the character hits in 10:57 disappear just a few seconds later when the view change.

  22. CoryxKenshin boutta come back and play this!

  23. Just pre-ordered my game I was told it won't come out till next year December but who knows maybe that will change.

  24. Make it a local COOP, why cant i enjoy this with my sibling on one Playstation console?

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