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I Tried a 2 Player Nuzlocke That’s NEVER Been Won!

Dads Bein Dudes
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1. Only 1 Encounter per Route & both Pokemon are linked forever. If either faint, both pokemon are dead!
2. No primary typing’s are shared on the team! (Charizard & Blaziken can’t be on the team together, both primary fire types)
3. Team Sheet is allowed but Damage calcing in battles is not!
4. If either player white outs, it’s GAME OVER!


  1. Come on guys we believe in you
    Edit: maybe have your pokemon named with the same starting letter for easier remembering

  2. Two of my favorite YouTubers in one channel. Even if this is shady’s 100th channel, I will not grow tired of this content

  3. Every episode of this series is fire fr, lowkey happy you lost so it can continue 😂

  4. waiting for games kills me….still casually waiting for elder scrolls VI 13 years later

  5. Slowbro is cracked. Has a crazy move pool slack off yawn amnesia withdraw flamethrower icy wind calm mind belly drumb and curse if you want to go physical…. do not sleep on slow bro

  6. I got your dad jokes right here. I met a horse named mayo and sometimes mayo nays.. you know how to make an egg roll? You push it. Thats all I'm giving y'all for now

  7. Best series! I watch this with my 7yr old son Jasper. Let’s go this is the run!

  8. Charizard/Primarina would've been same pair as Volcaneon/Slowbro. Same typing makes for an easy swap out for pairs.

  9. When I start my runs of this game I start with Viridian forest and go for the infinate repel, then go back for the others so that a wild pokemon does not block me from getting the pokemon that I selected. Idea for future runs if you have to start over, but hope this is the run you win

  10. Nobody should pay 70$ for a video game. Remember they still made billions in profit when it was 60 yet they think they need to bleed us more

  11. 12 hour car ride from New Jersey back to South Carolina. Ive been 1 state away from both of you in the same day LOLL

  12. Been watching this solo for now, but can't wait to RE-watch WITH my Son once he's in the mood for Pokemon videos again!

  13. I just want to be a Gastrodon again. RIP Mustache circa Shady's subathon.

  14. Thank you guys for being an inspiration for me to start my own channel. Been watching both you of individually for years, so it's great to see you two on this phenomenal channel!

    Much love, from a fellow Dad!

  15. I was expecting.Did you hear the the one about the toad? Oh that's right I already told you.

  16. Once you guys finish this a soulink Pokémon fusion I think that would be fun to watch

  17. They showed different levels of fatherhood. Shady is an experienced vet with multiple kids so he can pop off fresh dad jokes off the dome. Dylan is on kid number 1 so hes new, therefore he looked it up. The duality of dads, the dadality.

  18. Shady and Dylan I love you! This is my message of personal support to you! <3

  19. glad to see the teams looking a little more balanced this time around, and the strategy of trying to grab mons that function in similar situations is literally genius

  20. Imo Top 3 white dude songs

    1. Sweet Caroline
    2. Mr. Brightside
    3. Dont stop believin

  21. yall could restart this run until they complete it redoing it hundreds of times, much love <3<3

  22. I got a greninja with mega launcher. It learns Dark Pulse. (212 power(including STAB and the 50% from mega launcher))

  23. Hakuna Matata – it means "That tyranitar is the chosen one."

  24. Hey Shady and Dylan. I’m not a dad yet but watching you guys reminds me of watching Shady’s run of Radical Red on Twitch and betting subs that Kricketune would solo Brock. Top tier Shady right there. It’s Bartelau BTW from Twitch.

  25. It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger
    It's a dagger

  26. God damn that tyranitar bout to go crazy in endgame

  27. Pleeeeease tell Dylan to put items on his Pokemon

  28. You know why can't trust adams? Cuz they make up everything.

  29. Desert dragon and blizard dragon perfect dragons for perfect poke dads

  30. Yall should put the route number behind the name or your encounters

  31. How do you put the puzzle in to get the rare candies???

  32. Dad joke here.
    Where to you take someone that has been in a peekaboo accident?
    You take them to the ICU 😂

  33. I’m here because of my decade long love for Shady and my 5 year tenure of fatherhood. Love the series and the channel

  34. Shady was right, Frieren is such an unimposing show then at the end of the episode you realize you're crying

  35. I'm definitely a part of the Shady channel problem, cause I have 3 on my own so far.. 🙃

  36. After watching you all talking about anime so much, it's got me into watching it (Demon Slayer is not mid) so thank you. Just started JJK. Please can you name a Mon TBal?

  37. I dislike when people on the tube say first in the world. You can't really say that. You can say first on the internet or first on youtube yes that fine. But you dont know who in the whole world had or hasnt done anything.

  38. I think this run is it. I love this series. I love this series. You guys are killing it. Christ blessings

  39. this is one of the best nuzlockes I've ever seen. Also, good luck winning the soul link 🙂

  40. Now, wouldn’t you put eviolite on a Ferroseed? It gets better defenses.. (I’m kidddddding, it has Well-Baked Body(fire immunity that raises defense when hit with fire))

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