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i finally tried final fantasy 14 l A Guild Wars 2 Player’s Perspective

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a new sprout has appeared🌱
shout out to my older brother for the duck voice🦆
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00:00 what i know about Square Enix games
00:49 becoming a sprout
01:29 why i picked FF14
04:01 yup, i’m a lalafell
05:11 first impressions
07:06 what i enjoy in Guild Wars 2
07:44 how it feels to be a black mage
08:20 switching jobs is awesome
09:22 FF14’s community
11:40 do i have time before dawntrail?
12:02 final advice
12:33 stay hydrated gamers

Dance of the Fireflies
Sultana Dreaming
Outro music by Chris Zabriskie

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  1. welcome to FF14 brother! found it in 2020, been here ever since. the best!

  2. I don't think you should rush through the MSQ to get to Dawntrail. From a streamer perspective, some of the biggest viewer numbers come from people watching a streamer who's engaged in the story go through the pivotal story moments. Also, everyone will want to play through the Dawntrail story on their own first before watching a streamer do it. All content in the game remains relevant forever due to how the game is designed, so there's no rush to endgame in order to start raiding. The MSQ will require some dungeons as you go along, starting at level 50 there are raids, and if you run these on "minimum item level, no echo" settings, the difficulty will be close to the difficulty when originally released, even for max level players in high end gear. So enjoy the story and try all the content without rushing.

  3. Cancel me now. I’m a skipper. My rule of thumb is I watch the talking cutscenes and usually skip the rest. Except hildibrand… which people either LOVE or HATE… it’s hilarious I don’t care what anyone thinks. My friend who didn’t watch ANY cutscenes whatsoever unless she was forced to, got through all content in a little over a month. Another friend who watched ALL cutscenes religiously took around 2.5-3 months while he was on medical leave.

  4. Lol. Stuff locked behind story is actually biggest drawback. I bought story skip and l don't regret it a single bit.

  5. Dont think about Downtrail. Play the game at your own pace. Dont rush because of that, otherwise you will regret it. Let the other ppl try to get all done at patch-day and suffer, because of to many ppl want to do the same at the same time.😅

  6. you've probably got around 5 or 6 months before dawntrail actually, we don't even have a release date yet, just that it's sometime in summer.

  7. Pace yourself with the MSQ so you don’t burn out. It’s a lot to go through.

  8. as for the reading out loud issue, the second you hit HW that text only dialgoue for main story is gonna be halfed, and it gets less and less and the cutscene quality gets better and better with each expansion

  9. i love how joined on one of the many random days that a lalafell parade was happening.

  10. People are way to hard on ARR IMO.

  11. A few days ago I was in a dungeon (Aurum Vale) as DPS and the tank had absolutely no idea at lvl 49 that there are job quests from lvl 30+. He had no jobstone, there were no skills.
    No, he was not flamed. He got help from everyone. That's why I like the community in the game
    Also: Doing all Jobs with a same character results in a high mental binding to your character. Higher than in any other MMOs, I played before.

  12. I’m not very familiar with the EU servers, but if you ever make an NA alt (or they finally let us visit Regional DC’s), I’ll totally show you around the club scene in XIV! 😀

  13. "Should i rush to Dawntrail / insert any expansion ?" — That is a question i will always answer with "No".

    Play at the pace you are comfortable with. Be it 'rushing though' to catch up with friends, or "slow and relaxing" while you 'do all the things'. Everything will be there for when you get there.

    That's one of the 'good things' about FFXIV… Unlike WoW where if you are NOT doing 'current day things', you may miss out on doing them when the next expansion hits and the entire game shifts to 'start' from that point… FFXIV will forever have all of the older content there, and will forever start people out at the 'start' and allow them to work through everything everyone else went through. You'll never 'miss out' on things due to not being there 'when it goes live'. If anything, doing things 'later' means you miss out on waiting in 2 hour queues for dungeons and instance content XD

    I'll always, always, tell people to play at their own pace. If they want to rush, then rush. But if you want to take everything in, then do that.

    Even the Dev's tell people to enjoy it as their own pace, and if they ever feel like they are getting burned out, then go play something else… we'll all be here when they come back.

  14. can you get through the entire game before Dawntrail drops? * counts on fingers, squints at sky * i mean, mayyybe? if you skip everything and race for it, i'm pretty sure it's do-able! on the other hand i took my damn time and did a LOT of side stuff but i played very steadily – started in May and finished Shadowbringers two weeks before Endwalker dropped in December of that year, so — six lazy months progressing through game + 3 expansions. have fun, little spout!

  15. FF14 is the best mmo out. the community is awesome, unlike wow, and there's no dps meter. GW2 is boring to me.

  16. You're on my second monitor! Welcome to the game!

  17. Your end game goal is glamour? You are already one of us… Welcome!

  18. There is no way you'll have enough time to finish the current msq unless you eat shit and breathe ffxiv

  19. Welcome to the game!
    Enjoy the cutscenes

  20. It's awesome that you are jumping into the world of final fantasy. I would recommend checking out ff6, ff7, ff9, ff10 and fftactics. Also, if you are still playing ff14, I am on the Jenova server and would be more then willing to help you if you need it. Or just if you want someone to game with, hit me up. My name on ffxiv is Tuberculosis Jones. Oh, and ff11(which is an mmorpg) had the best combat system. Every fight was so intricate and changed based on your party build while getting everyone involved.

  21. 12:03 I mean, you can, that’s for sure. But I wouldn’t recommend rushing out the story just to be in endgame for the release. FFXIV community is fairly spoiler free, so don’t be afraid of spoilers. You should take this at your rhythm and enjoy the story. A Realm Reborn is a syllabus that you want to end as soon as possible(specially the quests after the expansion, the ones previous to Heavensward), but once you got pass through that, is AMAZING! I’ve been playing for almost 4 years now, and I just love this game 💜

  22. I very recently replayed from scratch (because I skipped da cutscenes D: D:) And can confirm I was still a sprout upon completing ALL of the MSQ, which means I clocked in under 300 hours. I watched all cutscenes and read every bit of dialogue, but I did have the benefit of knowing what I was doing, as I've been playing for a few years now XD

  23. If I have one piece of advice for new players of FF14, it's… to take your time with the game. If you're rushing to reach the latest content, you'll probably get frustrated with it.

    Also, there's a lot of side content to do for when the main story quest becomes monotonous. The stretch at level 50 is particularly rough and this is after they chopped 20 quests off of it.

  24. You can for sure make it to end game by dawn trail! I look forward to watching your journey amd seeing if u can make it .
    I would love to hear what you think about the combat at 90 . Cuz eatly game black mage welll… i think most would agree its a slow and painful experience. Also even at 90 black mage isnt a hard class to just play and enjoy, but to get sweaty and optimize it is the hardest to do .

  25. Welcome to you, hope you'll like it, don't think to much about player hating on ARR, to be fair i don't know why so many people hate on ARR, the game is mainly focused on the story, wich is really great, maybe it's because people want to be directly into the endgame, but hear me out, if you read a book, do you start by page 1 or 154 ? The beginning is as equally important as the ending, and from someone that has finished the game, believe me, the story is truly worth it.

  26. Take your time. You're not missing mich not being current

  27. Enjoy, i played the heck out of GW2 and loved it. I think the open world on GW2 is the best out there to be honest, but FF14 has better dungeons and i like having a trinity again. Both have good communities in my mind, better than WOW (which i also played for years). You have a new sub

  28. Ive tried to get into this gane multiple times and its MSQ just bores me to tears, latest attempt made it to stormbringer. I like the group content but the game just gets in its own way too much.

  29. I just started my ff14 adventure on xbox it will be my first mmo so we will see how it goes as a summoner lalafell also great entertaing video keep up the good work

  30. oh yea ofc you can finish up msq, take ya baout a month or 2 of staright playing but it's doable

  31. i skipped every cutscene i was able to when i played and i hoe they were all skippable

  32. Been playing since early 2014 and I skip all cutscenes. Story never interested me at all.

  33. I play a game called lost ark and it is like ff14 and path of exile and few other games mixs

  34. [inhales] the comment about the first several hours being slow is… kinda correct, even though the start is slow, hoo hoo, it picks up pace real quick don't you worry.
    I won't say anything though, the story is to be experience, not spoiled.
    Also welcome to the game!

  35. TBH Black Mage is pretty straight forward. Unlike most of the other classes where you have a burst window and then a basic rotation it kinda just has a basic rotation and then some cd's that allow for better movement. You can use the movement ones to create a burst window but if it leads to you moving and not casting later in the fight then it's a dps negative anyway. I normally just try to use Lay Lines when other people put out the buffs and everything else for movement.

  36. It takes on average 100hours to do the base MSQs, then around 20 to 30h per expansion if you speedrun it. So it's possible yes, but honestly this game is way better if you take your time and don't burn out. I myself have started playing in 2023 and have logged more than 500h, having reached 2/3rd into Endwalker MSQ. Don't rush, battle through the base game. And as the meme says, "It gets better at Heavensward".

  37. The queue to login isn't a real queue unless it's over 100 people. You used to be able to log in instantly but once the game started picking up the servers couldn't handle so many logins at once. So even if you are the only one on the server you will be placed in that 'queue [1]' and have to wait around 15s while it batch lets people in the game. It doesn't mean servers are always max capacity.

  38. Donald …. disney cease and desist letter coming in 3….2…..1….

  39. My suggestion: Play at your own pace. If you wanna experience 5 expansions worth of story, do it and take your time. If you wanna jump straight into the newest content as soon as Dawntrail comes out, do that. But play at your own pace.

  40. Welcome to our community!! I hope you grow to love this game and the people who play it as much as I have! Enjoy!!

  41. You are on my 2nd monitor! And FFXIV is on my first 😉

  42. 11:41 The quickest I've seen someone blast through the MSQ is 13 days… and yes, that's from ARR to EW. Granted we're talking 15-18 hours a stream, which is kinda nutty. Realistically, if you're also doing optional content (extra dungeons, trials, and raids not associated directly with the MSQ) you can bang it through in a couple of months. As someone playing since ARR first dropped, I advise to just take your time and enjoy the game on your time. With FFXIV, it's definitely the journey over the destination, and you'll never be short of people to share the game with 👍😁

  43. You do not have to rush through the MSQ. Take your time. The expac will be there.
    Unlike other MMOs like WoW, old content is still done regularlly via the roulette system. You will never have a problem finding a party to do dungeons and raids.
    This game respects your time. You can go at your own pace. Do not feel rushed.

  44. I tried playing FFXIV before, but I made a new character last week! In the long-term, I'd like to clear all of the savage raids synced and solo every “deep dungeon” (Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High, and Eureka Orthos).

  45. really nice video, I just followed you on Twitch with notifications on to see the next ff streams, I can't wait for you to get to "THAT" Realm reborn moment

  46. Why i feel like im played both GW2 and FF-XIV for more time than you being alive ?

    Also, dreadlocks ? Serioulsy ? What is it ? 1996 ?

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