HOW TO PLAY With 2 PLAYERS Co-Op Games Nintendo Switch! -

HOW TO PLAY With 2 PLAYERS Co-Op Games Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Omg thank you! I was so confused about how 2 player worked lol

  2. to make it easier to hold i just bought little controller things to put them in

  3. I just got my son a Switch for his birthday, and I am SUPER THANKFUL this channel EXISTS

  4. Friend me pls pls play with me super mario 3d world

  5. It didt work I tried a LOT of times

  6. Omg thank you I was sooo frustrated lol I couldn't figure it out

  7. Oh thanks with friends don't play and I'm from turkey

  8. Thank you so much, I was going to have my friend over at my grandmothers house and I wanted to play with him.

  9. bro comments cant thank you the way i need to

  10. THANK YOU! You are a live saver ✨✨✨ Just AMAZING!

  11. Does this game work for Animal Crossing: New Horizons too?..

  12. Can someone pls tell me how to play Stardew valley split screen with two joycons?

  13. Do we have to do this all the time it turns on for two players or it’s saved

  14. Thanks bro. Just got my first ever nintendo switch today.

  15. Why didn’t you add the black pieces to the controllers to complete them. This is not finished.
    For anyone wondering what the 2 long black pieces are with the cords. They attach when the handles are separate. Where the video tell you to press to sync is where it slides over. This tutorial is incomplete.

  16. Quick, straight-forward, and to the point! This may be what pushes me closer to buying a switch to play co-op on the little screen with someone at work lol. Thank you!

  17. Hello, did you know why my blue joycon wont connect, even if it works very well and with full energy? Please 🙁


  19. Or you can just press the controller beside settings .. 😉

  20. Thank you! I was about to go back to the store and buy another set lol

  21. So play, launch thw game and show that it works

  22. The controlers seem way too small doesn't it get uncomfortable pretty quick?

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