How to Play 2 Player Coop Games on Nintendo Switch (Joy Con Tutorial!) -

How to Play 2 Player Coop Games on Nintendo Switch (Joy Con Tutorial!)

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Do you want to know how to play 2 player coop games on Nintendo Switch with one Joy Con Controller? On the home screen go to settings, then go to controllers and sensors. Then scroll over to change grip and order. Then press the two buttons on the middle of the joy con controller to get player 1 in and then do the same thing on joy con 2 to get player 2 in. Then switch over to your game like super smash brothers ultimate. Then press SR and SL on both controllers to be added to the game. …

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  1. Great, now how to revert to original state?

  2. I recently got a switch and my second controller just won't connect, they're the same colour, is that what's stopping it from connecting? Do they need to be different colours?

  3. Cannot work for Young Souls. Anyone can help ? 😭😭😭

  4. Has anyone got this to work on the TMNT cowabunga collection?

  5. Worked great! But how do I switch it back to just 1 player?

  6. But how do you do it with 2 account profiles on the same account and console??? This just sets up a lower level player for 2nd person.

  7. why didn’t they just add a button for 2 players

  8. I have tried doing this countless times but no matter what I do, I still cannot get the Joy-Cons to connect in horizontal mode for two players 😩

  9. Ohmygod and here I thought I have to buy another pair to play co op. Thank u, u r a life saver :))On another note I personally think that having a pair as a back up is a nice move

  10. Thanks for Can I ask silly question? Is that for play online.

  11. My ps4 recently started breaking, everytime i have to see the error status code, it just loads
    And i cant close app, turn off ps4, or even go to home page, help pls

  12. Do the little slot things come with it? I'm gonna buy one soon and I wana play co op

  13. we spent hours trying this. It works in the settings, but no games would recognize this setup. Mario Kart 8 made us throw it out of the window. After getting the controller back, it was impossible to get the switch to recognize the controller as a single controller again. We will take it back to the shop tomorrow. Very disappointed with what was meant to be a two player console

  14. Does a Minecraft players need both sides of the joy con? I have 4 kids that want to play and only two pairs, can they split them???

  15. Thank you for doing that I didn't know

  16. We honestly felt like dummies trying to figure this out. We did it on accident once and couldn’t figure it out until this video lmao. Thank you. Long Xbox guy trying to play the switch for my kids and I’m clueless 😂

  17. It took me a while to figure out how to attach the Joy-Con Grip to my friends switch lite although I could just attach the Joy-Cons to the side to create a local wireless with super smash bros ultimate

  18. No this dumb I want to know how to play gb

  19. what happened if you get the plus minus pairing wrong? mine got stuck just now 😂

  20. Thanks dude, it's my first console after 8 years

  21. I did everything but when I enter Naruto, ultimate ninja ..2, doesn't work.. and asks me to go to settings and do what I already did

  22. Does that attachment come with the switch

  23. Hi any update on how to do it in fall guy thanks

  24. Long time Playstation guy trying to learn my new OLED Switch so my kids can play..This is a whole different animal than the Playstation systems.

  25. Thanks. Nintendo has no setup instruction in the box or for controller

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