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Great SNES 2 Player Games – Luke’s Game Room

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The SNES had some of the greatest two player games known to man. But outside of some of the Goats (Mario kart, turtles in time, contra III, street fighter II) there were some soild SNES games you may not have heard of. Games such as Joe and mac, Firestriker, pocky and rocky, and Rampart. Luke ventures though memory lane and his collection as he suggests great 2 player couch co-op games for the good ole SNES.

Intro music
“Your Mine” – Carpenter Brut (Furi Original soundtrack)

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  1. Thanks for the video's. Been looking for 2 player lists and came across this channel.

  2. Never heard of RPM Racing but I’ll have to check that one out. It kinda surprised me that you mentioned that one but not Rock n’ Roll Racing. It was one that me and my dad enjoyed a lot. Gonna have to add a few of these to my raspberry pi in case I get that multiplayer urge. Excellent vid my man!

  3. I tend to sometimes play games with my partner (who is not a gamer), so I am looking forward to seeing what inspiration this video will give me. We're currently playing through Borderlands, and it's always funny watching how they interact with the environment, especially considering it's their first true first person FPS.–Pocky and Rocky is so difficult! My partner and I actually played through and beat it last year, and I made a video on it, including some information on the Japanese mysticism and yokai. But my gosh did that really test our patience. Especially that slide move that made the other player careen around the screen, taking damage whilst also damaging enemies.For some of my own recommendations, The Legend of the Mystical Ninja is very similar to P&R, so you might enjoy it. It kind of has a River City Rampage vibe to it, what with you being able to walk into shops to buy things, but also has a side scrolling sections as well, more akin to Mario. Definitely recommend.For something a little easier, I remember having fun with The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie. It's another Disney one, but you get costumes as you play, which have differing abilities like a vacuum that allows you to suck up enemies and bricks, and a wild west one that gives you a pogo stick horse. This game is much more forgiving, and even easier that Goof Troop – so your wife may enjoy playing it with you.The last is one you have mentioned in another video as having not played, and that's Secret of Mana. As a kid, my best friend and I used to always love playing this game together, and I even revisited it (in Japanese) for my channel, maybe last year? It has an interesting take on a hack and slash/action RPG, which I didn't feel was a detriment to enjoyment. The story is pretty basic, but my partner and I enjoyed going through and beating it together.Anyway – sorry for the essay. 😅

  4. I love that chrono music! Such a nostalgic feeling. Those years were so precious to kids of that generation and me as well, and me, 24 years after it came out I played chrono and it felt the same as ff3 did, which I played at 14 or 15 in 1994! It was an endearing era of game making.

  5. Secret of Mana did also support 2 and even 3 player co-op play. I remember renting that game and the SNES multitap at Video Stop. 🙂

  6. One of my favorites was knights of the round, the sound and music was great, the fake almost predictable level up system…ect I loved it

  7. Great vid as always brah!!

    2 player ( personally ) , unless it's a Fire Emblem game or something …. is usually 10 times more fun than 1 player.

    3/4ths of all my video game playing fun, is rockin' that 2 player.

    Nothing beats havin' a grand ol' time with ( one of your best friends, or something of the like )

    I am starting to play, Street Fighter Alpha 3 again ( on the regular )

    I can't tell ya .. just HOW FUN it is … to have .. 3 other friends to fight!

    Plus, …
    .. I'd NEVER have the patience to beat it 1 player ….
    ….but, … if like, … my best friend Gary or Vernon is there with me, wanting to beat the game really bad ( 1 player ) …
    I'd be willing to help or, "Tag In".

    I wish you lived close to me, myy goooood friend! …
    …. Dude!! … We'd have A LOT of fun/great times, annnnd, …
    I'd be making you and Jenn crack up constantly with tear-inducing laughter! 😆🤘

  8. Snes imho is the greatest console of all time

  9. Awesome list man!
    Loved Goof Troop, just such a fun and accessible game for a quick co-op adventure that nearly anyone can play.
    Joe & Mac is another one I have really fond memories on, cool stuff!
    Didn't even know the SNES Lemmings had the 2 player mode. Never got to play that properly, no friends and such ha, but it's always looked quite fun!

  10. Not king of the monsters 2 or 3 ?!?!?! Bro, get more obscure, haha

    Also, gemfire and aerobiz super sonic….. amazingly autistic battles with my brother over the years

  11. Solid list, it's been a few years so I wouldn't mind playing Goof Troop again. And to add some picks:
    Final Fight 3
    Kirby's Dream Course
    Sunset Riders (although like you said with some of your picks, could get superior arcade version/rerelease on modern consoles)
    Super Bomberman
    Super Mario Bros. 3 All-Stars Battle mode
    Wild Guns(Reloaded is good, but I kinda prefer the original)

    and I think that's it, you covered everything else I could think of. I wouldn't mind trying Secret of Mana co-op one of these days but haven't had the chance.

  12. There's more than 1500 people watching you. They're just not subscribed.

  13. 3:24 The items do actually regenerate in smk. When you start to get all the item boxes, the earlier ones that were driven over will regenerate.

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