Great 2 player GameCube Games - Luke's Game Room -

Great 2 player GameCube Games – Luke’s Game Room

Luke’s Game Room
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The Gamecube is known for some amazing 4 player multiplayer games, but a it also has a great amount of solid 2 player games. Some of which are those same 4 player games. Luke weighs in on the well known hits like smash and double dash. But also sheds some light on some affordable goodies like Return of the King and Agent under fire. Lets check out some gamecube in the game room.

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  1. 4 swords actually came out in a larger box with the link cable included. Unless you really need to play those other Mario party games I would save my money.

    Just think in a couple years you will have that 2nd player to play with. When that little one gets interested in games get out an old controller while you play. Give it to the kiddo so they will think they are playing. Until you hear "daddy, its not going where I want" lol.

  2. Mario golf on game cube is imo the best iteration of that game. So fire, my dad and I played it so much our scores were getting to the point of -25. Good memories for sure

  3. Deffintly enjoyed the poo out of futurerama

  4. Good stuff, new sub.
    As for MP5, 6, or 7 I'd say pick up 6 or 7 for the microphone portion. If that doesn't appeal to you, then I'd say 4 is enough.

  5. It's a shame that the only ones I played multiplayer were Smash Bros and Soul Calibur. I remember having so much fun with the bots on Timesplitters 2. Nothing beats running around as a monkey with dual miniguns lol. Gotta add a few more of these to my list now. Excellent vid my man!

  6. not including Kirby Air Ride and WarioWare is a crime, but otherwise, good selection.

  7. Thanks for the lists. My son is into retro games after ive gotten some from eviction clean outs. Been wantinf 2 player games. Thanks for the lists.

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