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FNF 2 Player Mode | Friday Night Funkin Games

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Friday Night Funkin 2 Player Mode is one of the best FNF games where you will be able to fight against your friend.

Start this challenge and try to win regardless of the person in front of you.
The game will let you choose almost all the main characters from Friday Night Funkin.

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  1. Are the song is same if same rate 0-10 i choose 3

  2. play games, when i play this game, the game has like purple background that always come.means it's unplayable.

  3. Bem que vc podia adicionar os sons e chart certo pras músicas com as vozes dos pesonagens e uma hitbox pra 2 players

  4. damnnnn mid fight masses charting

  5. I got the game but does let get in help me please ):

  6. Por favor vocês podem arrumar as setas pra deixar elas corretas Por favor le peso

  7. Thx now i cn play with my friend pls add an ez mod

  8. Wow 🤩 yo coll awesome 😎 good game may bratger vs me hahaha 🤣 yo cool may bro❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. can u make charts from the real game and update the playstore one when u update

  10. oh wo i love it but you can fix the mobile bottons it kinda works

  11. The game is nice but like there's some strange bugs

  12. Me: mom,can we get fnf 2 players?

    Mom: no honey,we have fnf 2 players at home

    Fnf 2 players at home:

    Sorry my bad english :/

  13. PUT REAL CHARTS PLEASE! and vs bob vs baldi basic sin funkin and more

  14. Can you put the download on apple

  15. This so so so so so very very very baaaad

  16. the notes are ramdomized this is bad u guys should fix this even on the mobile version its only red screen and the notes are randomized there too

  17. This is the most cringy shit i have ever seen the fact you have to put music over it is halarious.

  18. Apa bilang gamenya burick Baru itu lambat lagi game buruck

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