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Favorite 2 Player Board Games – Board Game Spotlight – Lost Cities

Board Game Spotlight
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In this series we are going to dive into some of our favorite 2 player board games. We are kicking off the series with Lost Cities!


  1. there needs to be more 2 player games in the world.

  2. I think I prefer the board game. What about you, have you played it?

  3. What amazes me is that more game designers dont set out to make great 2 player games that scale up to 3 and 4 player formats effectively rather than the other way around. Surely the vast majority of game fans are most likely plating at home with their SO the majority of time.

  4. Cathedral (two matches alternate starts and then highest total surplus loses) and Carcassonne – The Castle are two top 5 2-player games for me. You should check out this two amazing gems….

  5. Nice vid! love 2 player board games.. you should definitely check out Master of Wills if you haven't already.. i think you will love it.

  6. I want recommend the following 2-player games that is not covered here (in addition to the ones I allready mentioned). All of them fast to play, and with very simple rules: Ingenious, Tintas, DVONN, TZAAR, Push fight and Through the Desert. You will be suprised how good these six game are. Ingenious and Through the Desert can be played by 2-4. Of course my absolute favorites are Carcassonne (basic set and just 2-players) and Carcassonne – The Castle (note there are rules clarifications from Knizia which correct the english rules). Ingenious, Through the Desert and Carcassonne – The Castle are all made by Reiner Knizia. Same designer as Lost Cities and Battle Line (in your collection).

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