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Fatal Siege – 2 Player Games

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New game! Fatal siege!



  1. One of the best games in 2 player game. Especially Hard AI mode

  2. Help Me To Reach 50k Subscribers Without Any Video says:

    Thanks for making my request!!

  3. I can't find the game on my tablet 😕 😫
    The tablet is a Samsung galaxy tab a

  4. Oh so you do hold it vertically
    Also cool

    Edit: Bruh I first tried it against a cpu

  5. I was that one person who spammed "tower defense" since June. I really appreciate that we finally have a tower defense (sort of) in the game.

  6. Add a strategic game and also make it 4 player games

  7. Esse é o pior minigame de todos eu esperava mais na moral

  8. Okay, If we are talking about this game : This game was'nt really funn
    If we are talking about my suggestion : What's that, A game like GTA V
    I have suggest this 4 – 5 months ago…
    That's gonna be funn normality If this game is creating by creators …

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