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Enjoying simple minigames on Two Player Games.Org

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Welcome to MiniMissions, a collection of minigames all you teens, adults or older watching this & the kids in your life! Try to finish 80 minigames in one go!
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**This video is NOT made for kids. While the game(s) in this video are suitable for kids, teens, adults & elderly can & do enjoy them as well as they are simple to play & understand. I am directing this content to teens & above who enjoy simple games. Thank you**

Enjoying simple minigames on Two Player Games.Org.
Another Fiverr order video here, MiniMissions is a collection of many minigames that is sure to you long hours of fun! There’s even a challenge to try and complete 80 in one go! I don’t know if 80 is the total number of minigames or if there’s something special that happens for reaching that goal. All of the games in this collection are easily played using only the mouse 1 click. Each game has a different goal, but here are some that I played:
I played about 3 different ninja games where you have to get the ninja to the goal without him falling in lava, getting impaled by spikes or some other misfortune. I played a cowboy game (actually 2) where you had to break bottles, but the mechanics of each were different. In one you have time you click properly, in the other, you just have to aim & use the other objects on screen to your advantage. I really enjoyed playing these simple games & they are great when you’re a little bored or just want some simple, quick fun or a break from regular gaming. If you know any kids, show them these games as well & they will probably enjoy them.
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🎵Music by Nathan O. Wills or Jukedeck.com

MiniMissions is a wonderful set of small games. In fact, this entire collection of minigames is a huge game where every minigame is a mission that you need to complete. The idea is to progress as much as possible and win while completing the most missions that you can.

You will like the way it works, and the experience itself can be among some of the best every time. It’s important to try and test your skills, since there are tons of amazing things to do and challenges to pursue here. This is a game where you will always try to be the best, but that comes with its fair share of unique challenges.

Give MiniMissions a try and let’s see how many challenges can you complete!

Great minigame collection
Each challenge has new characters
Exciting, fun and rewarding gameplay
Minimalist graphics

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