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DTBGB #5 – May 16, 2013 – “Ten Multiplayer Two Player Games”

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DTBGB #5 – May 16, 2013 – “Ten Multiplayer Two Player Games”

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  1. Hooray for Trajan and Castles of Burgundy on boiteajeaux [dot] net. They definitely play great 2 player.

  2. Urban Sprawl is brilliant! I just picked it up on the GMT 50% off sale, I've been playing it 2 player with my buddy for awhile now and it's always a blast.

  3. I swear it was TRA-john. Someone told me I was correct in that pronunciation long ago.

  4. Double check. I looked at multiple sites and they all reported that it was Tray-jen. I wouldn't care except I prefer that pronunciation by soooo much (I can't say why).

  5. I have. It works fine. I definitely like it with more than two though.

  6. I think some people are scared off by the amount of time it takes to play but I don't even realize how much time has gone by because it's such a fantastic, engaging game. I haven't had a chance yet to play the designers other game Dominant Species but I am looking forward to trying it out.

  7. Great episode, awesome list! I totally agree about Innovation. It's a great head to head "battle" with two people. The four player games I've played ended way to quickly. With two players you have more time to build your technologies up and I feel like you get to see more of the game.

  8. Drinking Game idea… every time Joel says "brain fart" take a shot.

  9. You would have been plastered by the end of this video. Hint: Don't ever do a drinking game to the following phrases in my videos: "Like so" and "Things like that". 😉

  10. A few more that I think fit in this category: Agricola, Glory to Rome, Alien Frontiers and Last Will. You're choices were really good too.

    Man, I need to find a time to play Urban Sprawl again.

  11. Ah. Maybe I should try AF with two. I have never done so, and I'm pretty lukewarm on that game. Apparently, I need to try it with the xpack too.

  12. AF with two? Must try that. I like to play this game with people who get frustrated with other Action Selection games (say Bora Bora). In AF no matter what kind of dice you roll, there is almost always something you can do. The Factions pack adds quite a lot too – further increasing your options. It's a 'Frustration Friendly' game!

  13. Ya. I don't particularly care for AF, but I've never tried with two or with Factions. This isn't the first time I've heard that Factions takes the game to a new level.

  14. Great video. The first time I played Trajan it was 2P w/ my entry level gamer GF and she enjoyed it so "here, here" to your #1.

    I think in this case the "request" route really created a video that will have a lot of utility for folks.

  15. As always, great video.
    I couldn't agree more with your CoB comments. At 2 it's a whole lot more interactive than most people give it credit for, but the only play I've had with 4 felt like a race for 1st player and very solitaire like. I'm also really enjoying playing Eminent Domain 2p with my son right now, but I think I still prefer this with 3, as the follow/dissent choices becomes more relevant tat way rather than just a hand filler.

  16. As well as this list of "multiplayer games good with 2" I'd be interested to hear your favourite straight up 2p only games, as a load of my plays are 2p and I'm always looking for recommendations.

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