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Dreams Ps4 How To Play/Make 2 Player Games Tutorial (multiplayer info)

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Dreams PS4 2 player game tutorial
how to make a game 2 players dreams Ps4

be sure to check out my dreams PS4 streams and dreams PS4 tutorial. I have tutorial on the thermometer, animation, sculptures, and of course music. I’m YoungtextYouTube in dreams follow me there and follow your favorite dreamers to keep them motivated!

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  1. I don’t understand how to do any of what you did XDI’m sorry, I’m a slow learner 🥲

  2. I saw many dreamers achieve split screen multiplayer. But I never figured out how they did it

  3. Your creation made me go deaf. Step on a lego

  4. Wow dude great video! So if me and my brother want to play together on the same screen in the same sony 4 and i hold one dualshock and he operates the second dualshock so we can play together in the same game???

  5. ¿Dreams have a multiplayer like little big planet? i refiere about you can play online and local with your friends, in online without split screen, but yes in local, ¿or the game is only local?

  6. Question: could you have this with one in VR with move controllers and one on Dualshock? I want to make one similar to David and Goliath.

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