Crazy Party 3D - 2 player games -

Crazy Party 3D – 2 player games

Cute Army Game
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Crazy Party is…

🏡 City Building
You earn resources to develop your own CrazyVille

🎮 Mini Games
A collection of multiplayer mini-games for 1 or 2 players in the same phone screen.

🎭 Character Customization
Customize your cutie how you want.

Many many mini games:
👉 Sumo
👉 Bite the Butt
👉 Ice Racing
👉 Tug of War
👉 Rocket Battle
👉 Fishing
👉 Jump the Rope
👉 FoFrogger
And more…

Come and play two player games. We have the best two player games, join the Cute Army!


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