Contra 3: The Alien Wars! 2 Player! - YoVideogames -

Contra 3: The Alien Wars! 2 Player! – YoVideogames

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  1. What is the difference between 2 player A and B in Contra 3?In 2 Players A, two engage in creature crushing simultaneously. While in a top-view stage, you'll be battling on different screens. The 2 Players B mode is like 2 Players A but the difference is, when you're in a top-view stage, you'll be on the same screen rather than separate screens.

  2. "The point of this game…. Carry two crash guns, find a spot if you can't use shoulder button to lock on, then mash x button while holding y button onto boss for quick kill. Don't die or make a mistake by falling into the abyss like fools."

  3. I can't believe Konami would just rip off Super Probotector like this! 🤭🤭

  4. And now Vampire Survivors is getting a Contra crossover DLC.

  5. What the heck happen to them playing Contra Operation Galuga? Maybe Simmons already knows but probably Max, Stephen, and Kenny don't, but you CAN buy extra lives and hit points at the game's "Perk shop" if you earn enough credits while playing.

    Also, I really hope they play Contra Hard Corps again but this time from the Contra Anniversary Collection. The Japanese version of Contra Hard Corps includes the "3 hit points" like in Operation Galuga. Not only that, but please play the Japanese version of NES Contra. That one includes a prologue cutscene, an overworld map, extra frames of animation in the levels, and a hidden ending message.

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