Chess With Cats? One Of The Best Two Player Games For Couples! #boardgame #couple -

Chess With Cats? One Of The Best Two Player Games For Couples! #boardgame #couple

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  1. This weirldy reminds me of gipf…

    You two should try it if you haven't

  2. The middle big cat should have gone down to the left

  3. I have this game! Lost to my daughter 3/4 games

  4. Это🤪 не😡 просто🤐 гнев😈 тот😱 что🤔 живёт🥵 во🖤 мне🐤 пытаюсь 😨 вырваться 👅 из🥳 под👞 контроля😣 прошу♂️ беги👣 скорей👁️ оно💀 меня😏 сильней💪
    оно🎥 так🥳 хочет🤩 вырваться🥳 на😾 волю🧠

  5. Second last move she forgot the diagonal boop and that allowed him to win

  6. Nooo! Her last move, she should’ve booped the grey cat diagonal to the edge of the board. Game still on!! But love the game, it’s so fun! Friends keep borrowing my copy😊

  7. As always! Get your a** in the kitchen!😂

  8. Who would have thought I would watch every single one of these videos. Well done.

  9. I’ve played this before it’s a really fun game

  10. I'm glad we're not the only couple that audibly "boops" the cats. Also, Team Orange missed a diagonal boop on the last move!

  11. Guys atleast make us understand the game in advance

  12. Может хватит уже ужинать?

  13. Has anyone seen one where they say make dinner and the wife wins? Or where they say buy dinner and the husband wins?

  14. I literally thought they were jus saying "boop" for the hell of it n then I realized that's the name of the game.

  15. After seeing quite a few of these, now I'm wondering, are guys going broke getting dozens and dozens of rare-ish board games, let alone the time set up and learn to play…

  16. Всегда не понятные игры для нас, но они получают удовольствие от этого. И я рада за них 🎉

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