Checkers - 2 Player Games -

Checkers – 2 Player Games

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New game! Checkers / Draughts!



  1. I was just playing that literally one second ago with a robot

  2. the hard mode is toooo easy, i won the game with 10 pieces left

  3. I think it would be better to lower the goals for more gaming content

  4. JindoBlu I have a good idea!

    Make please game "Relax sounds"

  5. You should've mentioned that if you get one of your pieces to the opposite side of the board you can move your piece in all oblique directions

  6. there should be easy normal and hard mode in all the games.

  7. Pelas regras que EU conheço, o rei pode avançar quantas casas quiser na diagonal, e não só uma

  8. Add cpu difficulties. I really can't beat certain games and others are to easy to win.

  9. I've already bought the quiet pack, once the quarantine passes I'll buy the adds free!
    I hope to even give more, this games are really good and simple!!
    Please consider soap or wood carving!

  10. You should make it so you dont have to capture a piece if you can because it kind of ruins it

  11. I love this mini game thank for having it lol can you add a multy player mode so we can well you know play with friends on a diforent device (im verry sorry for any spelling mistaks)

  12. It's unfair, it forces you to take the kill when you can, but that's not a rule in chess, please change this

  13. Questo è il video di omar drav Omar 👍🤩♥️😍🙃

  14. Bruh fix your game instead of making another broken game

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