Board Game Battle Royale - 2 Player Games -

Board Game Battle Royale – 2 Player Games

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Roy, Mark, & Bryan host a Board Game Battle Royale bracket of games selected by you! and you choose the winners live! Fight!

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  1. Awesome competition, guys! Thanks for hosting such an awesome show. And to address Roy, WotR should be one of my favorites since I am a huge fan of LotR and Dudes on a Map. But the combat system holds it back for me. The card + dice combat is done so much better in Forbidden Stars, IMO. Otherwise I would have agreed that WotR is superior to Raptor.

  2. Battle between 2 player games. Nice idea!
    Never played raptor but i hear good things. Santorini should be higher. It's solid.
    I think LC and PW are better than 7WD.

    Excited for cosmic encounter duel.

  3. If you want to do non-board gaming ones… do one for 80s movies. 🙂 The 80s was possibly the best decade for movies.

  4. Interesting to see what their audience likes

  5. This is a great segment, do a best medium weight euro battle Royale

  6. Personally I think it's definitely more fun when we can actually see the poll going live. I like that format more than the reveal at the end.

  7. Topic suggestions

    Board games: Games of X year (pick a year)
    Might be fun to see people’s views/votes with hindsight

    Non-board games: MCU movies
    Is a short shortlist so should be easy enough to whittle down to 16. Don’t even bother including Iron Man 2 or Thor: The Dark World in a FB poll 😉

  8. Love this series, I am curious thou, is it possible to show a live feed of the votes on screen? Great show guys !

  9. I think it would be interesting to see a Battle Royale for the game with the best solo AI.

  10. Battle Royal ideas:
    * Best artwork in board games
    * Best Spiel De Jahres games
    * Best looking miniatures per game or just each miniatures
    * Best party games
    * Essential board game accessories
    * Best anime
    * Best TV series

  11. Do old school versus new classics! Left side: older games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, D opinion…. Right side: Azul, Sagrada, Wingspan…

  12. Please NO live-poll.
    It seems to be somewhat exciting BUT it psychologically highly influences the people by making polls closer than they would be normally. That has been proven in several TV shows.

  13. Great to see two of my games doing so well, Lost Cities and 7 Wonders Duel. I'm going to have to go buy Raptor!

  14. Just set a timer for 60 seconds to vote

  15. Why not run a bracketeer jackbox where the audience votes?

  16. wouldve been way more interesting to hear their opinions if they actually played more than half these games

  17. 25:50 And you DID move the wrong one. Lost Cities had beaten out Patchwork, not vice versa.

  18. Board Game Battle Royale – movie/tv characters

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