BGG's Top Two-Player Games This Holiday Season -

BGG’s Top Two-Player Games This Holiday Season

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If you need a gift for your partner, your BFF, or your favorite couple, check out W. Eric Martin’s quick reviews of the top two-player games for the 2021 giving season. These expert picks were curated from over 1 million ratings submitted by serious gamers at BoardGameGeek:

• Fields of Arle
• Land vs. Sea
• Lawyer Up
• Let’s Make a Bus Route: The Dice Game
• Targi

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  1. Ganz schon clever is the favorite game of my non gamer wife. The only one I don't need to beg her to play. I also recommend Jaipur and Blokus Duo, both of which seems like classic games and have really nice replay value.

  2. Nice range of games! Targi is a deliciously rich game in a small box. I personally adore Fields of Arle but my wife hates it, with an irrational passion 🙃

  3. I only play boardgames with my wife. We really like Targi but some of our other favs that we play 2p are Everdell, Scythe, Castles of Burgundy, Viticulture to name a few.

  4. Great suggestions! My fiancée and I love Jaipur, Patchwork, and Kingdomino as our primary 2 player games.

  5. I got my mother into playing Patchwork. My boyfriend on the other hand, I'm trying to get him to play more games like the 7th Continent, Rallyman GT and Terraforming Mars for example.

  6. I like your descriptions, but I’m disappointed that three of the games weren’t shown at all (other than cover art.) The visual style of a game is so important; not just the art but the way things are laid out and the overall design. You’re a great guy, Eric, but I came to this video to see new games, not to watch your face and hand gestures 🙂

  7. Hi, thanks for the content! But, a kind request, could you look into balancing the audio? At the moment in the last couple of videos from this series, your voice is very muted compared to the soundbit between games causing me to spring from the couch when they start because I've upped the volume to hear what you say.

  8. I can't find 'Lets Make a Bus Route' anywhere…?

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