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Best Two-Player Games

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Grab a friend and get ready for the best two-player games to play on PC.

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a friend and playing through some games. Especially because you can do things you’d never normally try IRL. Unless of course you already rob banks and cook meals in space. From puzzle solving and laughing to battling and arguing, there are hours of fun to be had with these two-player games.

So here is our list of the best two-player games to play on PC:

1 It Takes Two
2 A Way Out
3 Knights and Bikes
4 The Dark Pictures Anthology(s)
5 Payday 2
6 Overcooked 2
7 Don’t Starve Together
8 Moon Hunters
9 Portal 2
10 Untitled Goose Game

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  1. It takes two is 100% the best co-op game I've played. Super fun and beautiful. ♥

  2. It takes two is the best coop game ive ever seen!

  3. I already played it takes two and now I can’t find nothing else that’s good

  4. how do we download these games?

  5. It takes two my love 😍 I want to see sequel 🙏🏻

  6. The narrator sounds like the lady from CYBERNET

  7. Overcooked is very hectic legit my 2 cousins kept starting fires and my bro just kept burning food 👁🐽👁🤚🏼

  8. Cant play or find anything good after It takes two!

  9. Oh my god I was just looking for multiplayer games! Thank u so muchhh💕🤍🥺

  10. Wow,, this is great…
    Is this all are console games ?
    It's great to know these games can play multiplayer…

  11. Great videos! this channel, so underrated

  12. Nothing like playing videogames with your special one.

  13. Looks like I'll have to stick to single player. At least there is the single-player aspect to the "Untitled Goose Game", sigh.

  14. I have played all of the games shown!
    Recently I found Helldivers, its kinda like top down Doom and it is AWESOME!

  15. I miss Matt and Louise… Haven't seen them for a while. Where have they gone?

  16. I really love your accent and voice, young lady!

  17. hi logtequy, is i are again, ……. but you dont give me a tacladow bacana até agora, can you send naw? i love you you love me we are happy family, pequenomacio technologio salvação sofia morenoooooo your cumpiute rs has a virus, rolinhas

  18. Watching this while having no one to play with, kind of sad 😢

  19. Great games all of them it seems. Gotta try to play them all! great video

  20. I have a problem, I have a C920 Pro and when I plug it to my computer and I go on g hub it is marked: download data and it does not advance
    What's going on?
    I hope you can answer me

  21. Me looking for games to play after playing It Takes Two:

  22. Why no one mention the amazing we were here series
    I think because of the team bad marketing 😭

  23. Can we play one with keybaord and one with controller bro?

  24. Any game which I can play with my friend on same mobile. Any 2 players best game pls suggest

  25. Just bought It Takes Two on Steam! IT'S SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Acc game free vào ( says:

    0:26 Em biết em ăn nói không được khôn. Thôi đừng nói nữa thay bằng hôn anh nhé

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