Best two player board games to play in 2023 -

Best two player board games to play in 2023

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Here’s Wheels with five great two player board games for 2023!

It’s not always easy to gather a group of willing people to play a board game, let alone a big group! And with so many tabletop games requiring such a huge table of people to make them work, sometimes you just need a game that works for only two. Well here’s Wheels with a brand new list for 2023 of excellent board and card games that work great for just a couple of people, with some being purpose built for that very purpose!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – 1. Undaunted: Stalingrad
04:03 – 2. Inhuman Conditions
07:25 – 3. Sleeping Gods
09:45 – 4. Klask
12:50 – 5. Unmatched

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  1. What are some of your favourite two player board games? let us know in the comments!

  2. But wait up Wheels; isn't almost all journalism "tabletop"?

    An annoying pedant writes.

  3. Bonus points for using the word "skedaddle" in a sentence.

  4. Paths of Glory is an excellent 2 player game. Tons of depth, lots of strategy, very hard to master, and fun to play. Downsides are the rules can be intimidating (especially if you're new to wargaming) and it is a very long game. A full came can easily last several hours. If you're going to play, I reccomend playing an online version (Vassal has a good module). It makes pausing and returning later much easier. 🙂

  5. A note on Unmatched, they are all compatible and you can mix and match characters from different sets. And for that reason, I would say strangely, Cobble and Fog is maybe the best box to start with. The characters feel more balanced than the base box, and have a slightly more interesting set of unique mechanics

  6. 2 additions, both of which share the innovative and unique theme of "wizards trying to kill each other with a deck of cards representing their spells" that NO GAME HAS EVER USED BEFORE:

    Summoner Wars first edition was great, and the new version is improved in basically every way (except, arguably the art). Pick your faction, maybe do some limited deckbuilding, and then you have one goal…kill the enemy Summoner by summoning units and structures onto a grid map. There's already a ton of factions available, though unfortunately the Filth haven't oozed their way in yet, and a very nice digital implementation that you can try for free.

    Secondly…IF you can find a copy for relatively cheap and IF you can find someone who will play repeatedly and IF you can ignore the often janky art…Codex: Card Time Strategy is a weird blend of Magic and Dominion with an RTS theme layered on top, and it's great. It's not an easily accessible game, but there's a wealth of tactical and strategic options here.

  7. Love this two player focus! some great games that I’d love to try, but am a bit wary about high price points as a board game beginner. Would love a video on more budget friendly, but still great, new 2 player games for those who are dipping their toes into games 🙂

  8. Nemesis plays fantastic from 1-5 players. I play it with just my wife all the time. And it is a FANTASTIC game. Great replayability, challenging, easy to learn the rules, all the check boxes are checked. Can't recommend it enough!

  9. Skulk Hollow, Patchwork, Fungi and Splendour Duel are some of my faves! Always good to hear about new 2 player games, Sleeping Gods looks very interesting

  10. Thanks for the mention guys, means a lot to our small but mighty Nordic team! ✌️💙

  11. The scheme cards in unmatched do not have their own phase to a round? There is no last phase to a round? It’s just turns and actions.

  12. KLASK is such a great game. Great suggestion.

  13. Inhuman conditions sounds cool ill have to ask my partner if theyd be into something like that

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