Best Single Player Games To Play On PC In 2020 -

Best Single Player Games To Play On PC In 2020

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If you want to explore some new horizons now is your chance, as this video is all about the best single player games to play on PC in 2020.

We have talked a lot about how great playing games with friends is. The social benefits, the fun of co-ops, but there comes a time when you want to head off alone. And that’s okay! Especially because 2020 has been such a great year for single player experiences. From robo dinos in snowy forests, to Viking fun across the whole of England, there is something for every kind of solo adventurer.

So, here is our list of the best single player games to play on PC in 2020:

Intro 00:00
1 Hades 00:53
2 Baldur’s Gate III 01:49
3 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 02:43
4 Doom Eternal 03:44
5 Horizon Zero Dawn 04:41
6 Yakuza: Like A Dragon 05:42
7 Microsoft Flight Simulator 06:36
8 Half-Life Alyx 07:34
9 Watch Dogs: Legion 08:30
10 Cyberpunk 2077 09:30
Outro 10:29

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  1. excuse me? fans of the brotherhood have been klomering for a viking game? What?


  2. Don't forget that you guys still had GTA San Andreas in your PC

  3. cyberbug made it 10th wot?

  4. I Think You Can't Explore Cyberpunk…😆

  5. Lol no, BEST IN YOUR DREAMS, you know nothing about videogames 😀

  6. Witcher 3
    Days gone
    Fallout 4
    Metro series
    Far cry 5
    Red dead redemption

  7. Very Good Really Appreciate… best of luck

    love and respect from saudi arabia

  8. All these games come out to a total of about 500$ and a monthly income in my country is 450$ a month.
    man i got bills like man….

  9. I wish they could make some actually good games without any blood and gore and stuff I don’t need that

  10. No romance in Hades? Uhhh have you actually played it?

  11. god i want to play almost all of it but my pc simply say no

  12. The passion in this narrators voice is amazing you can tell she really enjoys her job

  13. Cyberpunk number one just for that you're getting it, unsubbed.

  14. Is it just me that thinks that she sounds like the Forza voice lol

  15. is this the dungeons and dragons sheldon plays?

  16. Big egg on everyones face with cyber you've been punk'd 2077.. massive Oof in hindsight.

  17. diablo II
    blade and sword
    dungeon siege
    dragonage origin
    torchlight II

  18. Please play WWR (from Microsoft store) with gamepad. Also, please show how to setup gamepad.

  19. red dead 2?? little nightmares1/2??? <—–they should be at top 3 Imo

  20. sometimes you wanna play alone
    -no i have no choice me no friends

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