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Best Online Multiplayer Games on Nintendo Switch

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The Switch has a boatful of great online games, but which are the best? We know, that’s why we’ve made a video about it.

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  1. I haven't touched Smash in over a month. lol

  2. The best multiplayer game is by far ultimate chicken horse

  3. I want to buy ARMS
    But idk if anyone plays online on this game anymore

  4. Holy shit, this guy looks exactly like heelvsbabyface if that guy lost 100 pounds

  5. I do play Fortnite 50v50 team battle building required, quick respawns, & ever since update 8.10, we play against Switch & mobile players only, no more glitchy frame rates while aiming, ps4-xbone crossplay was ruining the frame rate i think, yet many dorks prefer the previous glitchy version, so what do i know.

  6. i wish splatoon had a mode of splattin opponents team deathmatch style

    ..I can't multitask randomly painting the arena, & trying to splat enemies, its the only 'shooter' on Switch, & I just can't get into it.

    Doom has empty lobbies since paid switch online, only pros play on the weekends & smoke you. that's it. Switch needs a shooter.

  7. Tetris 99 is fun, but I wish they had an option to use the joystick for movement, as I'm used to with Akira's TGM3 and Sega's Puyo Tetris
    I get in panic situations toward the end, & I takes forever to click the dpad over to the far ends, then youre fvkd. very frustrating, 'cause it's a good game. but also why I can't I turn the music off? I play Tetris silent or to my own meditation playlist. MK8 without music volume option either, & infuriating gameplay.

  8. Paladins runs so well @ 60 I did come from Overwatch so I do notice the lack of refinement compared to Blizzard, but as a portable, bootleg Overwatch, its cool. 'tho I wish it had a ranked deathmatch..& I don't like the horses..& where's Realm Royale for Switch..& why doesnt it have a first person view..

  9. I wish more people played Doom online, it's a great port.
    i think the online paywall killed the lobbies of the best shooter on Switch.
    Doom portable was a big selling point for me to buy Switch, they ruined that.

  10. I never played Smash in previous generations, so as an unbiased newcomer with no nostalgic emotions for it,
    i find the constant flying & floating off the sides of the small stages to be..obnoxious.

  11. Warframe wasn't mentioned, but also a good port, tho' 30 fps too, you couldn't tell, very fast action, but the pvp is lacking, the pve I can't even find, it's a deep, complex game..but if you follow the voice prompts for missions & just view it as a campaign, its cool, so i can see why it hasn't been included in this list then.

  12. Tip: if your office/school blocks online gaming, the Switch free to play games get thru.
    i bought a Switch & lots of games, but paid online, emptied lobbies, & firewall @ the office blocked paid retail games, so I returned it.
    bought it again just for Paladins, Fortnite..& Tetris 99 worked by surprised, even tho' it's subscription only, because its free for us, it passes the firewall too.

  13. I don't have a switch nor a ps4 nor an xbox, and my pc is a low end core 2 duo system with Intel GMA 3100 that can't run anything (search benchmarks) and my phone has a Cortex A7 512mb of ram and 2gb of storage


  14. Thanks for the little shout-out in there Alex ^_^

  15. I recently got a switch and I have smash, kart, splatoon, and rocket league for multiplayer games and to me Mario kart is the best multiplayer game for me then smash (even though I’m really bad) and the rocket league and splatoon can be switch out and in.

  16. untill mario maker 2 comes out once that happens it will be #1

  17. do any of you guys have switch online? and if you do, how is it?

  18. Wow Paladins sounds and looks just like Overwatch

  19. I'm just here to look for games. I only play smash and Mario kart online.

  20. I don’t how people like splatoon. I get trash ass teammates and I can’t do anything about that. It ain’t like cod where you can play for kills.

  21. I want to buy the switch but i cant play those games coz its for small snd big kids ..
    Maybe the upcoming handheld from sony ?

  22. Man why did nintendo need to ad nintendo switch online

  23. Lol shit gsmes….. only mario kart smash bros and 1 offline game zelda botw is nice the other games are shit

  24. OW player here, the most game that matters to me and I relate to is Splatoon 2. It is a system seller.

  25. Planning on getting Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Smash, ARMS (If I find it for a good price), and rocket league. Although, I’m considering getting rocket league on PC for the steam summer sale unless there’s a sale on switch.

  26. StarDew Valley, Mortal Kombat 11, EarthFall, OverWatch, Friday the 13th 👍👍👍👍

  27. I thought playing Tetris by myself was stressful… competing against 99 other people is even more stressful 😂

  28. I like Nintendo switch made games not fighter games so I would like more of those

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