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Best Multiplayer Super Nintendo Games, Part 1 – SNESdrunk

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A list of 25+ of the best co-up and VS. multiplayer games for the Super Nintendo.

[0:10] Contra III: The Alien Wars
[0:19] Sunset Riders
[0:26] Legend of the Mystical Ninja
[0:34] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
[0:48] Donkey Kong Country series
[0:56] Super Smash TV
[1:02] Goof Troop
[1:11] Zombies Ate My Neighbors
[1:20] Pocky and Rocky series
[1:33] Secret of Mana
[1:33] Seiken Densetsu 3

[1:52] Street Fighter II Turbo
[2:08] Killer Instinct
[2:14] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition
[2:21] Metal Warriors
[2:26] Super Mario Kart
[2:32] Rock ‘n Roll Racing
[2:32] Biker Mice From Mars
[2:43] Top Gear
[2:50] Tetris Attack
[2:55] Bust-A-Move
[3:05] Super Bomberman series
[3:15] NHL ’94
[3:15] NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

(Honorable mention: Troddlers, Knights of the Round, Final Fight 2, Saturday Night Slam Masters, WWF Raw)

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  1. Great video! I would add Wild Guns to the list for sure. Obviously it's a bit cost prohibitive to own the actual cart, but I rank it as a top 5 multiplayer game on the console.

  2. Soldier of fortune is also great game for 2 players mode!

  3. Great choices, I would also add aerofighters and firepower 2000

  4. What about kirbys dream course, the mutiplayer is super fun and it the best thing to piss of your friend 

  5. Why i have seen no Kirby's Ghost trap, as far as puzzle games go on the SNES that is my favourit and still to this day me and mates vs on it.

  6. this is not the best SNES multiplayer games, this is pretty much the greatest hits in SNES. great job pal. 

  7. oooo realmente has puesto todos los juegos q me gustan como favoritos

  8. thanks great vid!

    Super Tetris & Dr. Mario
    Puyo Puyo (/Kirby's Avalanche), Puyo Puyo 2

  9. I always hear you mention Legend of The Mystical Ninja. I tried it a couple times but always just end up banging my head against walls. It seems like one of those where the fuck do I go type of games which I hate. However, I heard you say you stick with older games because of how straight forward and simplistic they are compared to newer games. Am I missing something or playing the game wrong or something? I'd hate to miss out on a great SNES game but I play great games on all platforms new and old and I never have this problem with newer games. If you like it as a SNES game it shouldn't be that hard to figure out right?

  10. Top gear is the best racing game on the snes… too bad it's only famous here in brazil 😛 (really, all the covers of the music and stuff are from brazilian people. Google it and you'll see!)

  11. I know you're as much a fan of old hockey games as I am. But I was wondering why NHL 94 over the ones that came after? '96 is my favorite of the bunch, 94 just feels clunky in comparison to me

  12. Thanks for mentioning WWF Raw. LOVE that game 🙂

  13. hope the co-op mickey games appear on the second list

  14. love these videos. so short and to the point. And I love the end part as well, you have a great day too 🙂

  15. turtles in time for snes would be the best beat em up of all time if it had supported 4 players instead of 2.

  16. How far into Secret of Mana before you can unlock the 2nd player?

  17. No ISSS Deluxe? iguess i wasnt that big in th usa

  18. Strike Gunner is the only 2 player shoot em up like Gradius I ever found. Had it as a kid loved it, 2 ships at once for a schmup? Hell yeah!

  19. I jave super bomberman 1 and 2 but I'm wondering is it worth buying 3?

  20. Super Bomberman is the best 4 player game on the SNES period!

  21. Gf and I enjoying Mega Bomberman on the emulator

  22. You used to sound so much happier in your old videos.

  23. I'm all about some Bomberman! Yes, it's 2019 and at least 1 person is still trying to avoid the dastardly balloon bois and evil radishes!

  24. Twelve words counting these: Super Bomberman Five. Oops that was seven words.

  25. no Ken Griffey Jr in sports category?

  26. Street fighter alpha was the best SNES fighting game don't @me

  27. NHLPA '93 especially on Sega is the way to go for hockey (or mutant league hockey, also Sega).

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