Best Couch Co-op Games on Xbox Game Pass -

Best Couch Co-op Games on Xbox Game Pass

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There’s so many games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that we’ve decided to break down the best games to play with you friends on the couch, on the sofa… whatever you call it! Here’s our top pick of Xbox games to play with your friends!

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  1. I still can't believe Gears 5 is 3-player split screen! The game is awesome, so definitely give this game a try with your friends.

  2. When the hell are we gonna hear more about XCloud? Honestly 90% of these games aren't even that exciting. I want to know what's next for Microsoft and game streaming or is that gonna fail like Konami's massive screw up canceling Silent Hills also?!?

  3. What about gears of War 1-4? Possibly some of the greatest couch Co op games available

  4. Simple… Wizard of Legend. I play fps and fighting games and this game was purely amazing.

  5. I wanna play broforce on xbox because i play it on browser when i was litlle plz make something

  6. Who else only watched the video till the end because of the hilarious accent?

  7. I love borderlands when it first came out me and my brother played and loved it!

  8. I've played all the borderlands just not the new one

  9. why you guys never talk about rivals of aether? it's the best smash bros clone out there and a great 4 player game for xbox.

  10. With a friend.

    Wow, he just got friendzoned.

  11. youtubers: talking about that 4k 60fps and xbox one x enhancements le me:playing tekkan 3 on my potato pc

  12. 7:30 look at her face when he says big balls explosive she wants to laugh

  13. yo solo vine porque esta en el canal de Alvinsch

  14. U gives us advice about borderlands but remove it 🤔🤔

  15. So I'm a total gaming dummy BUT if y'all can help this mama it, I would be sooo grateful… I need a couple of two player games for my son for Christmas (he's been playing "Mature" games for a very long time… Thanks to a sister who is 13 years older). Anyway, my question is this… Are there any friggin like "in hand" "hard copy" games to purchase??? All I see are these friggin downloadable games, which is cool and fine, BUT I really want something "tangible". Does this concept even still exist… Or is it just a thing of the past. HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!

  16. Borderlands isn’t in game pass anymore 🙁

  17. Explained all the games clearly! So good now I know what to play with my dad

  18. I believe “A way out” should be part of this list

  19. But how do you connect 2 controllers to game pass tho

  20. Is it me or is this just super cringe 😬 the dum voices

  21. the british this video has is more than the british the word mass genocide has

  22. Any plans to make a new video that is up to date?

  23. I think Moving Out should be on this list. It’s really fun and if you have a good friend too play it with you will have a lot of fun.

  24. they did a way out dirty. best couch coop game ive ever played

  25. You have broforce listed as console it isn't what happend

  26. Does anyone know if one person has Game Pass and the other doesn't can they still play couch co-op?

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