BEST Couch CO-OP Games on the NINTENDO SWITCH! | 10 of the BEST Multiplayer Switch Games -

BEST Couch CO-OP Games on the NINTENDO SWITCH! | 10 of the BEST Multiplayer Switch Games

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What are the best couch Co-op games on the Nintendo Switch? In this video I list 10 multiplayer games you can enjoy on your Switch!

There’s really something special about playing a 2 player game with your spouse, wife, kids, parents, friends, or really anyone! A lot of us got introduced into gaming this way and it’s amazing to have that achievement of beating a game with someone else!

These are some of the games I think are the best to play together on the Nintendo Switch!

Which game is your favorite Switch game to play in Co-op?


Luigi’s Mansion 3 |

Kirby and the Forgotten Land |

Stardew Valley |

Pokemon Let’s Go |

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 |

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga |

Minecraft |

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 |

Yoshi’s Crafted World |

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity |

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury |

Mario Odyssey |

Super Mario Bros U Deluxe |


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  1. What is YOUR favorite Couch Co-op Nintendo Switch game? Also… Luigi or Mario?

  2. Nice job putting this together. Awesome overall list and great video!

  3. Very solid list of games!
    Believe it or not my fiance actually really enjoy untitled goose game as well, not a Nintendo IP but still hilarious lol

  4. My favorite of these is probably Stardew 😉 Nothing beats it hint hint

  5. Disappointed overcooked 2 isn't on the list!

  6. mario party allstars is the best .. i really want more games like mario party 🙁 dont have?

  7. Its always hard finding games for both my sister and me but here are some of my favorites.
    1.Heave ho (its great with a group to have fun and laugh with how goofy they are plus its challenging but also beginner friendly)
    2.Mario party super stars (great game with variety of games that any one can join
    3.Puyo Puyo Tetris (great for people who want to play Tetris together at the same time with tons of game modes)
    4.wrestledunk sports (a quick fun game with like 4-6 sports, for some quick games)
    5.Ultimate chicken horse (you try to get to get the finish line but you and your teammates have to make the obstacle harder for yourself, great game to pass up some quick time)
    6.Human: fall flat (im telling you right now, yo ur fingers are gonna be crying with 1 joycon on and thats why I love it, it’s super fun and creative to move around with weird looking body)
    i have more but those are my top for like everyone in the family/friends can play without any skills

  8. I loved this list! I’m going through your videos this week. Very cool stuff.
    You just got another follower. Keep up the good work!

  9. You should try knock ‘‘em down bowling it’s 2 bucks rn and as someone who skipped on switch sports I was only interested in bowling and man best 2 dollars I’ve lent so many great moments with family

  10. I’d recommend
    Children of Morta
    Rogue Heroes

  11. One of the key highlights I introduced my wife was gaming. We look for consoles to have fun together on. We are really looking into adding a switch to complete the console trio PS5, Xbox Series & soon a Switch.

  12. my recommendations: Unraveled 2 and rayman legends. Cheers

  13. What is the last game? Is it mario 3d world?

  14. Great review just try to stop use actually so much it's actually getting distracting

  15. Pikmin 3 deluxe is one of the best split screen games the switch has

  16. Pode* and unravel are my top two fave coop games I bought my switch for those games

  17. Browsers fury makes me furious. I don't like how the 2 player works.

  18. I was wondering since i want to get 2 Switch consoles one for each of my siblings, would they be allowed to play (for example) Mario 3D World with different Switches together? Without the online subscription? Please.

  19. I know these are for the Switch but you should try It Takes Two on Playstation, a lot of fun with your girl.

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