BEST Co-Op Multiplayer Games On Switch [2020] -

BEST Co-Op Multiplayer Games On Switch [2020]

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Whether you’re looking for some couch co-op action, or want to play with friends via the internet, these are the best co-op multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch.

Looking for something specific? Use the timestamps to jump to your genre of choice:

Puzzle games: 0:28
Platformers: 2:51
Beat ’em ups: 5:57
Shooters: 7:06
Action: 8:37

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  1. Man has the perfect name, Phil Myth. Only thing that would have made it even better was if he joined the military, and became a warrant officer lmao.

  2. Can anyone here or OP help me? I have two nintendo switches for my kids
    and they have the UNO game. They want to play co-op 2vs2 on their
    individual switches but I can never get them to join the match that was
    created together. One creates but the other console can never join the
    match. Can you make a detailed video showing how two individual switches
    can play uno either against each other or 2vs2. Not online game play
    but local wireless gameplay. Please and Thank you.

  3. Do all of these games run without needing a second controller and only using the two sticks separately for two people in one Switch?
    I am thinking about getting a switch for me and my sister. She is in between a casual and a hard core gamer. So she likes puzzle games and stuff. But she doesn't have the time to sit down and play in front of a monitor or TV. We would prefer using the sticks to play.

  4. idk what game to pick now I WANT THEM ALLL 🙁 XD

  5. How can you forget smash bros? Otherwise nice list

  6. Try Ages of Mages. Love that game!!! Up to 4 players!

  7. F**k playstation all my homies use nitendo

  8. No one ever mentions Brothers. I've only played 1p and played through twice. I love it. It might be really short but it is worth every penny. What a really well done story and stunning game world. People used to rave about Journey and Flower but Brothers shits all over those two.

  9. Unravel Two has really helped me socializing isn’t that bad, asking for help is never too annoying, It’s like the bond is unbreakable like the yarn, yes it make get tangled, disconnect, or burnt but they always find a way to come back and fix it, My friend and me play this game all the time, same with Rayman Legends, It’s not exactly like Unravel Two but it’s fun.

  10. i’m getting streets of rage 4 100%

  11. if u play dark souls u r gonna be a pro at enter the gungeon

  12. Can you play Kirby Star Allies on one Nintendo Switch with someone?

  13. Αναστασια Τσακλιδου says:


  14. Why didn’t they do it takes two on nintendo

  15. Unravel 2 is is really good games but if Someone have PS4 and Nintendo switch PS4 edition is (i think) better (i only have PS4 edition so i could be wrong)

  16. Resident Evil 5 and 6 are the best co op games on the switch. Why are they missing in here.

  17. I did not know you can play with two players on untitled goose game thank you for showing me

  18. multiplayer here means using existing 2 joycons right?

  19. Sorry, maybe I'm old. Co-op games are not nowhere as great as the old ones. These graphics are underwhelming too. Developers can do better.

  20. Looking for some games to play with my sister after almost two years of my depression and completely ignoring her the whole time because of it. Before I had depression I used to spend hours with her everyday and I miss that. I have just locked myself in my room for so long and forgetting she even exists. I am now taking proper medication and now I am feeling a lot more normal and willing to spend time with people again. I have to re-bond with my sister again after all that. I am sooo proud of myself for getting better. I also feel so bad for ignoring my sister for all of quarantine even though I live with her so she was left lonely. I'm going to make it up to her now that I'm feeling better!! Sorry about the whole story on this lighthearted video I just couldn't help it lol.

  21. I’m looking for games that my boyfriend and I can play together. He doesn’t have a Switch but I thought extra joycons would work. I will only have a Switch Lite. Great video 🤗

  22. je regrette d’avoir acheter là switch c’est vraiment des jeux de merde
    on dirait les gameboy

  23. For People that doesn’t know. The Background song is from Street of Rage 🙂

  24. 0:33 Snipperclips 🖇️
    1:11 Untitled Goose Game 🦆🦆
    1:35 Doru ⚪⚫
    1:59 Death Squared 🟥🟦🟩🟨
    2:22 Captain Toad: Treasure tracker 🍄💰
    3:00 Kirby Star Allies 🐷✨
    3:26 Brothers: A tale of two sons 👬
    4:02 Unravel Two 🧶🧶
    4:33 Heave Ho 🥶😬🥵🤢
    5:00 Trine 4 ⚔️🏹🔮
    5:33 Rayman Legends 👋👋
    6:06 Streets of Rage 4 🚸🚦😡
    6:38 River City Girls 👭🥋
    7:15 Enter the Gungeon 🕳️🔫
    7:42 Binding of Isaac 🐖💧
    8:12 Cuphead ☕☕
    8:42 Diablo III 🔥😈🔥
    9:14 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️
    9:52 Overcooked 3 🍲👩‍🍳
    10:34 The Stretchers 🛌🤡

  25. i play with my 6 years old nephew "resident evil revelation 2 "" is super cool for co-op

  26. just finished untitled goose game thanks to this video! i’m so sad it’s over 😢

  27. Luigi mansions it hella fun my girl and I played is 3 or 4 time it was that good. It’s a must you try this one.

  28. Love the list, will def be trying out some of these. I think Hyrule warriors is an awesome co op game. On that note can you do a vid on some Musou games for switch? It has to be my fav game style for the variety of characters options and none stop action

  29. Very bad games city girls is not 2 player online just can play together with 1 nintedo xDxD lyssyn to me this is the best games .. diablo 2 .. diablo 3… tochlight 2 .. best shooter online is World war Z .. hmm allso childern of morta .. . HADES.. BEST RPG xDD hmm i can think about goos games then tell u can buy and u dont throw your money to trash

  30. Trying to find 2 player games… every youtube suggestion is like “co-op” no. Search “versus” oh, you must mean “co-op”… send help

  31. Great games for kids, everyones children will enjoy these while adults are adulting.

  32. I was gonna buy a nintendo switch then came across this video and now I'm gonna play snipperclips with my brother

  33. How could u forget castle crashes 😭

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