Best Co-Op Games of 2022 (So Far) -

Best Co-Op Games of 2022 (So Far)

The Co-Op Bros
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We’re officially past the halfway mark in the year, and that means it’s time to see how we’re doing. Has it been a good year? Are there good co-op games for you and your best friends? Tune in to find out. #goty2022 #coopgaming

0:00 Intro
1:12 January
2:47 February
6:03 March
7:38 April
9:08 May
11:22 June
13:26 July
14:10 Honorable Mentions
15:25 Outro

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  1. put the game names in the timestamps instead of the months

  2. I’m gonna need a full review of Ryan’s Rescue Squad asap!

  3. Gotta check out DINKUM a great coop experience Animal Crossing x Minecraft x Australia

  4. When the COOP mod came out for Elton ring.

    My friends and I took 3 days off to play the crap out of the game.

    So much FUN.

  5. love you guys, appreciate the work you fellas put in

  6. Thanks for the recap! Sending to my wife now!

  7. kind of hard to watch when half the games you review(sic!) are summed up by a "didn't play, don't know – but here's what someone from polygon said" in a video titled "best co-op games"
    still, i got a fair amount of titles to check out so thanks for that

  8. Nobody saves the world has such a cute art style :3
    Yeah i didnt get dying light because there were alot of reviews about buggs : , still on the wishlist tho, im gonna stay at back 4 blood and left 4 dead 2 for now :3.
    Destiny is my go to to chill tbh , really good game, usually play solo tho , also love it's pvp style arenas, always rlly fun.
    I think its such a waste they didnt make proper online co-op for the quarry, i was really excited for it :

    Really good video guys !!!

  9. 12:21 I agree, best co-op game of the year. Especially in time for the holidays with family and friends visiting over. Get 6 controllers and it will be easy to keep 6 kids and/or adults entertained for hours.

  10. What? Damn yall whacked. Evil dead is not on the list? Wtf.

  11. You’ve played basically none of these … wyd?

  12. man games this year were so stale ! well we still have 4 months lets hope something crazy drops

  13. Would recommend against playing young souls. It's an incredibly buggy mess that falls short in every conceivable way. It's unfortunate the devs didn't bother finishing their game.

  14. Guys great channel you have there. And I like that you are going towards a more premium feel for your channel by investing time and effort with high quality voice overs & editing.

  15. Nobody saves the world got boring really quickly which sucks

  16. You guys will become successful because you are focusing on one topic.
    I don't usually sub to channels but i did to yours
    Me and my friends were looking for co op games for so long and couldn't find till seeing your channel.
    Very good contents, keep it up.

  17. Ahh I just found the perfect place to find bro-op games

  18. Shredders revenge has NO LOCAL CO OP ON PS4.

  19. This video needs a list of games, not months. Seeing the video broken sectionally by months is stupid.

  20. Makes list of games you haven't even played. Seems kinda lazy imo

  21. Play the games first before recommending it to someone else…'we have not played this, no time, etc., but we think its good..' come on…

  22. "We tried" "I heard" "from what I've seen" are not words from someone educated enough to determine what is worth playing.

  23. Commenting as no mention of it in this video but you definitely should check out Kirby and the Forgotten Land for your end of year video. It has a co-op mode that works similar to Luigi's Mansion 3 – once unlocked (very early on) the second player can participate throughout the entire story mode alongside Kirby.

  24. wow this is terrible none of these games appeal to me

  25. Me (Tristan) and my sister (Jenna) will be playing young souls only because of the names

  26. nobody can save the world. you cant play local coop on kbm and controller? you need a 2 controllers? seriously? just got the game and cant playi…what a shit game

  27. Dying Light 2 lack of multiplayer progression is a deal breaker for my home. We've been looking for a co op game to play but no shared progression is just a no.

  28. Didn't okay 90% of these but making reviews? 🤔

  29. Great channel and nice video , ty <3

  30. So many trash games…Unbelieveable…All shit…

  31. How can u recommend something you never played this is ghetto Ima head out ✌🏾

  32. yea that's what videos need, more shitty pop culture cut aways with stupid jokes.

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