Best Board Games for Couples - Two players games -

Best Board Games for Couples – Two players games

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Our best gaming buddies ever? Our significant other, for sure! But what are their favorite games? Together with our wives we picked the best games for couples or just any two players. Here are the games our wives would never say no to.

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In this video:

0:43 Filler games
2:14 CO-OP game
4:14 Non-gamer games
6:04 Heavy game
8:24 Euro game
11:03 Wild card

Dune Imperium review:
Micromacro Crime City review:

It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Boardgame Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Do any of the 2-player games mentioned work well in digital format (PC game or smartphone)?Rune Wars (3 player game)Rhino Hero (Jenga+Uno)Dune Imperium (deck building)Puerto RicoAlchemistsSpirit IslandMicroMacro – Crime CityLas Vegas Royale Unlock! / Exit The GameArkham Horror Card GamePoint Salad Coloretto

  2. Did you the 1000 subscribers special about EXIT and Unlock 😅🎉?

  3. Hero Realms is also great for couples. My girlfriend and I played almost every night.

  4. Other 2-player games I enjoy: Onitama (arguably my favorite game), The Fox in the Forest (also arguably my favorite game), Schotten Totten, Matcha (not a good game, but a game I'm still fond of), Hanamikoji, Royal Visit, Hive, Mandala, Jekyll vs. Hyde, Santorini, Jaipur, Quarto
    Play well at 2: Piepmatz, Village Green, Azul

  5. co-op popped up and i thought, "oh, this is easy: spirit island." lol nope! then heavy popped up with the description that it takes a few hour's, and i thought "war of the rings." wrong again! lo and behold, spirit island was a pick haha. i'm just happy spirit island made it on the list regardless. but since it was picked, then i suppose i'd vote robinson crusoe for co-opedit: ahaha, so the last wild pick was described as being massive in size and taking a long time, and i thought you might say a feast for odin, but no; i was wrong again!

  6. I agree, Puerto Rico is the best Euro game. I have a reasonable collection and it still remains at the top 5 of my games and as others come and go Puerto Rico is always up there for me.

  7. Guy on the left sounds like Magnus Carlson Thanks for the great info

  8. Your videos would benefit from timestamps for each of the games as it's difficult to remember them all and even more difficult to find a particular review again on re-watching.

  9. Could you give me the detail which version of puerto rico you recommend for two player.

  10. Great. I haven't tried Las Vegas Royale at 2p.Do you use any special rules or dummy player?

  11. So happy I found your channel. Love your videos! The categories themselves, your style and your personalities, too. Fully prepared to spend much money on games 🙂

  12. If you were to choose just 1 or 2 from the list for a pair of ultimate beginners, which would it be? Great video, thanks so much! 🙏🥰

  13. I bought a few games based solely on your suggestions.Rhino Hero was the biggest surprise success, every time we break it out with new couples they fall in love with it.Arkham Horror: LCG and Puerto Rico were also fantastic buys. Thank you!

  14. Great list, but Puerto Rico? Mechanics are solid but theme is bleh in 2021. There's gotta be a euro out there for 2 that has both great mechanics AND a non-cringe theme…

  15. 14:02 – Yes i enjoyed this video, i find this one as one of the best and funniest video You had, really good one 😉

  16. 8:21 i thought You will say – If You loose all the time and still love Your wife, this is a good sign 😀

  17. 8:40 – 10th Year edition is definitely one of the reason to love this game even more, and really shows that JG loves this game 😀

  18. You should make a separate list without wiffluences.

  19. Team Exit, but it is like choosing which is your favorite hand.

  20. My wife's favorite game is Quacks, I have played it for sooooo many times over the years.

    But when we go heavy, lately we are enjoying Great Western Trail quite a bit.

  21. Gents, if all your wifes will subscribe – this channel will hit 1000 subs. Or wife of each one of you if it sounds a bit better 😁
    Pro tip: scissors always loose 😏

  22. Your videos are amazing guys, thank you!
    PD: Are your names spelled the same?

  23. Team Exit! Great video! Let’s get you to 1000!!

  24. Unlock! Although a few are boring and not fun, but most are great.

  25. All for Unlock (sorry Jānis)! Even though Exit has more of an escape room "feel", Unlock exceeds in storytelling and delivering escape room type (yes, I admit) experience in a full journey. I would play both, but my wife will always better pick Unlock series, because of whole experience together.
    But, I was a little surprised not to see Codenames Duet on this list, for I think it is definitely for couples (or just 2 players), because it works as a game, but also helps to get to know other person – how they think, what connections they see, etc. So it is not just game, but also a way to get to know player you are playing with. But that is just my thoughts.

  26. I'll always be team Unlock but my partner really likes Exit and it's kind of fun using all the components- even the box!!

  27. I love how I didn't know any of the games, going to check them all! Great work. Thanks!

  28. I hope you UNLOCK 1k. 😉 Very proud of you two!

  29. for your considerations..
    Filler – Quarto

    Coop – Pandemic Legacy

    Non-gamers – Patchwork

    Gamers – Arkham Horror LCG

    Euro –

    Wild – Codenames Harry Potter (because we both nerds)

  30. Have been really enjoying your video’s. You guys team up great and production on the video’s is amazing. Sometimes I wish you would show components of the games sooner after you mention them and give a little more insight on what they are about.

    Overall, really nice and refreshing!

  31. My wife is non-gamer and I know she would hate Las Vegas

  32. Exit without the minimum of tips! I’ve tried unlock and didn’t understand it, gave it away. Also liked our first story of Sherlock Holmes consulting detective: irregular baker street boys. Micro macro is on my wishlist.

  33. My vote is for exit games over unlock for sure, secondary thought, why are you both assuming the woman is the one who might not be into board games

  34. Great video! I love your guys’ positive energy. I saved a few of your suggestions to buy, thank you!

  35. Hi, there's this new card game called "Lagim Card Game". It is a Filipino folklore-inspired game composed of villain deck, lagim cards, lakas cards, and hiwaga cards.

  36. Actually love yalls videos! I been looking for a channel like this!

  37. Me and My wife really enjoy Seasons for two player game. We have played it many times and it's still very interesting to us.

  38. My wife’s favorite game to play: Unmatched

    Thanks for the great videos!

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