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Best 2-Player Games (Top 10) | Cardboard Rhino

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Are you in lockdown with precisely one more person? Well, it’s time you got some good 2 player games going! Here’s my 10 top 10 (+3) list of 2 player games.
00:28 Raptor
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01:32 Lost Cities
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02:07 Fugitive
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02:36 Patchwork
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03:05 Arboretum
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03:30 Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
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03:56 Deep Blue
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04:40 Fog of Love
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04:44 Codenames Duet
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04:52 Ravens of the Thri Sahashri
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04:59 Arkam Horror the card game
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05:05 Azul
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05:45 Air Land and Sea
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  1. I recently discover mandala to play with my couple and is awsome. Simple mecanics and good deept.

  2. Our favorite games that we play with 2 are: Concordia, The Isle of Cats, Dinosaur Island and Museum. These are not strictly 2 player games, but we enjoy them as such.

  3. Really intrigued by Land, air and sea. Nice vid.

  4. Air land and sea! Good luck finding that right now.

  5. Twilight struggle, hive, hanamikoji, gran Austria Hotel,…

  6. Normally we do not have "Air, Land & Sea" at stores in our country (Turkiye). But because of her, we tried and manage to "Print and Play" it. And oh boy, we could not stop playing!!! Every frigging night. At least twice. Well, thank you for the TIP. It made our time in quarantine.

  7. Came for the list, stayed for the sleepy kitten. Awesome video! I'll have to find some of these games.

  8. Just me or is Air, Land, and Sea impossible to find?

  9. Excellent list, I will seek out Air, Land and Sea. I also agree on Azul but most of all with Arkham Horror LCG which is simply amazing. Such an experience, it's like roleplaying. When playing in two I also recommend: Star Wars: Imperial assault (skirmish mode) and X-wing: fast, tactical skirmish game. Both of them very thematic! We also play Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, but we usually play 3 heroes so one of us (usually me) is handling two heroes at the same time. Honorable mention for a smaller game, In between. Asymmetric game between the forces of good and evil, very engaging and not easy at all.

  10. Fox in the Forest is a great trick-taking game for two.

  11. As many others I would like to recommend 7 wonders dual and Hanimakoji.
    Also I want to say, that I enjoy Arboretum much more with 3-4 players. It is nice with 2 players, but it is quite limited. With more players you have even more the "I-have-no card-I-want-to-discard"-feeling that makes this game special. 😀
    Good list and certainly some games among there that I want to have a look at. 🙂

  12. Deep Blue is good at 2 players? I love Deep Sea Adventure, but it isn't that fun at two, so it would be cool if Deep Blue is!

  13. Well, I guess she doesn't fancy the all mighty 7 Wonders Duel.

  14. Feels so good to finally see a 2 player list without 7 Wonders Duel 😀
    Really need to get my hands on Land Air and Sea, having it on my wishlist since a while.

    Besides the mentioned Patchwork I really enjoy Coimbra, Race for the Galaxy, Maracaibo, Nusfjord, Catan card game, still Splendor and of course the king of quick games Crokinole with two players.
    Plus I was pleasantly surprised by the underrated The Boldest lately.

  15. I also like Jaipur, Ashes, Star Wars Rebellion, BattleCON, Battleline, Warhammer Underworlds, Star Realms/Hero Realms, and of course 7wonders duel as 2-player games!

  16. this is one of the better lists for 2 player games thanks

  17. Wow, just found your channel! Great content, editing, and pacing, looking forward to more!

  18. Nice list, me and my wife are loving Anachrony and Escape from aliens in outer space. Looking to pick up Alone later this week.

  19. This is the 2nd refer to the Air land and sea board game(1st i saw it in summer video, btw im also ftom Greece) and i can't find it anywhere to buy it. Any suggestion where i can find it and buy it?

  20. Air, Land and Sea is also my favorite two player games! It replaced my previous one, Hanamikoji, which strikes the same chords but better and deeper, with bluff

  21. most of my purchases this year have had to have a solo variant at least but I have really been getting a lot of solo specific games, thanks virus 😉

  22. Eleni?…Are you Greek ?😉 Just stumbled onto your channel and I'm glad I did!🙂 Awesome video koukla!

  23. Also I have u a thumbs up and Subscribed…I miss playing boardgames with friends …damn you covid! Lol

  24. Mage Wars , Antike II , Barony , Monolith Arena , Jaipur (all great at 2 players)

  25. really nice, thanks Eleni. Hard to fit every good game for 2 in here. I just misss here some of my favorites like Akrotiri, war chest,twilight struggle, Hive and hanamikoji, this last one indeed gives me same feelings as land-air and see.

  26. jaipur
    marvel champions
    one deck dungeon
    dice forge
    D&D temple of elemental evil
    king of tokyo dark edition

  27. Nice games there, thanks ! I am already googling Air, Land and Sea & Tash-Kalar.

    I am playing 7 Wonders duel version, Volfyrion (an interesting deck building game, or should I say deck deconstruction), Small Samurai Empires (just arrived recently from KS) and testing some 2 player games I designed.

  28. Somehow missed this video when you released it. Ok, Eleni — you've convinced me. I've seen you praise Air, Land & Sea before, but after this video, I cannot resist you any longer. I'm off to purchase it right now!

  29. Θυμάμαι ότι το όνομα σου είναι ελληνικό. Μιλάς Ελληνικά?

  30. Some great games on your list. Lost Cities is simple but deceptively strategic. My wife and I love that game.

  31. Competitive two player game -> Twilight Struggle 🙂

  32. We're loving the Hall or Nothing Historical Battles games right now.

  33. hi, no offense but I find the two examples you show in Tash-kalar are both wrong. So I wonder if you have understood the full rules of the game or not? btw, it is my favorite game .

  34. You should try Circle the wagons. Great two player game. Small, but great replayability

  35. Γάτες και επιτραπέζια… Κακός συνδυασμός.

  36. Πολύ ωραίο βίντεο Ελένη, αλλά άποψη μου, λείπει ένα από τα ποίο καλύτερα παιχνίδια για δύο (για μένα το καλύτερο!) Targi. Μπορώ να σε ρωτήσω γιατί για σένα δεν αξίζει την top 10;

  37. My wife and I love Champions of Midgard, and Reavers of Midgard. Simple to learn, and lots of fun dice rolling, doesn’t feel as competitive as some 2-player games.

  38. Some of my preferred 2p games:
    Paris – City of Lights
    War of the Ring
    Five Tribes (it's for up to four players but I like it most in 2p-mode)

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