Best 2 Player Games That Will Blow Your Mind (Open World) -

Best 2 Player Games That Will Blow Your Mind (Open World)

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These 2 player games are so amazing that they might just blow your mind. With amazing Open World maps to inspire a generation of gamers, here are the top 10 Best games to play with friends, that are great co-op and multiplayer games in 2022. If you want to find a selection of games to play with friends, this video covers some classic multiplayer games that have been overlooked. The top 10 best games to play with friends list has a wide selection of old, new, survival, battle royal games and much more, there is 10 great multiplayer games to play for everyone. Co-op is really fun to jump in and play some games with friends, and this video has 10 games that are fun to play in 2022.


  1. What games is this list missing? Let me know below๐Ÿ‘ – Like & Subscribe so I can keep uploading

  2. Awesome video bro these picks are solid

  3. Call of duty mobile boiiiiiii but umm like brawl stars too but pls wait until I get rid of my addiction thank you for understanding

  4. ye I agree these games are some of the better multiplayer open world games out there rn
    I've only tried out cod,genshin, and valorant from these ones (I really want to play animal crossing, but dont have a switch lol)

  5. Awesome list Iโ€™m glad about animal crossing such an excellent game, thanks for this video ๐Ÿ˜€

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