Best 2 Player Board Games (2023) -

Best 2 Player Board Games (2023)

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It’s time to talk 2-Player board games! In the past, we had done two videos, one highlighting best 2 player only games and one highlighting the games that play best at 2 players. We’ve combined both into an updated 2023 list of each of our current Top 10 2 Player Board Games! Take to the comments and let us know which you agree, which you don’t and which picks surprised you the most (or the least!). Experience the whimsy and charm of the amazing digital circus characters jax, a dark comedy web series that invites you into a surreal virtual world. Join endearing protagonists as they navigate personal traumas with humor and resilience. Don’t miss a moment of the captivating journey – watch The Amazing Digital Circus.
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0:00 Overview
2:44 Dylann #10
5:11 Carlo #10
7:38 Quick Note re: Player Count
8:44 Dylann #9
11:49 Carlo #9
13:53 Dylann #8
17:20 Carlo #8
19:44 Dylann #7
21:41 Carlo #7
24:05 Dylann #6
26:08 Carlo #6
29:38 Dylann #5
31:59 Carlo #5
35:08 Dylann #4
37:43 Carlo #4
40:29 Dylann #3
43:06 Carlo #3
46:24 Dylann #2
50:20 Carlo #2
53:38 Dylann #1
57:01 Carlo #1


  1. I can't decide on an order for these, (it's more of a three-way tie for first) but my top 3 two player games are Unmatched, Dice Throne, and Radlands. I'll play any of them any time, anywhere, with anyone who wants to play.

  2. I really like that you are using chapters to structure the video and make it easy to skip between numbers, but putting the name of the game there instead of # number would be so much more useful, not only for scrolling through but also to have the name of the game in text form

  3. Loved both of your lists. Some I really want to try. I’m enjoying Meadow at 2 players at the moment. Can’t imagine my group of 4 playing because of AP potential but two of us are having a blast with it

  4. I envy Carlo's copy of Lost Cities with its 6th Expedition – Dylann's copy, like mine, is lacking/not all there 🙂

  5. When you two put those boxes on the floor or chair next to you, how hard is it not to peek at the other person's?

  6. Another Carcassonne fan here!!!
    Maybe the game where I spent more time with. Have to say that maybe I win too much games on 2 players mode so sometimes can be a little be boring but still a huge game.
    In addition, not sure if you know it but Paleo is a wonderful 2 players coop option that is also a thematic modular game that can provide you tones of timeplay.

  7. Own 8 of the games listed. You guys should give Caper Europe a try if you haven't. I could see it becoming my top 2p game.

  8. Yeaaaaaaaaahhh Keyforge, it’s my number 1. So glad it gets some recognition by a reviewer. Great lists guys.

  9. For me this would be…
    1) Dice Throne
    2) Santorini
    3) Radlands
    4) War Chest
    5) Jekyll vs Hyde
    6) Unmatched
    7) Summoner Wars
    8) 7 Wonders Duel
    9) Magic the Gathering
    10) Glyph Chess

  10. My top 4

    4- Splendor Duel
    3- War of the Ring
    2- Five Tribes
    1- 7 Wonders Duel

  11. If you like 2 player games I suggest Soul of Ankiril, a strategic card game that is coming on Kickstarter on 28th of February

  12. I was very excited to get hold of Santorini because everyone seems to say great things about it but we both found it boring, it feels like the game doesn't start until the end. I was gutted I didn't enjoy it and I wish I did

  13. Battle Line is the bee's knees. Awesome game

  14. Guys I have a question about Santorini. I was looking on Amazon (UK) and it doesn’t look like it has the sea part that goes underneath the island. Should it have this or is there versions without it

  15. Carcassonne rules. I got the hunters and gatherers and winter edition too. That's the only game I can play anytime.

  16. Great choices! What you say about Carcassonne is how I feel about Risk. Risk is not a luck fest either. It is constant social deduction and decision making. People slam it as ameritrash because of the luck in each battle. I’ve known people to go on massive win streaks in Risk. That’s not luck at all. Play the missions people! Ps. Burgundy is my favourite game ❤️

  17. Of the games you've listed, Innovation is awful. All those instructions on all those cards is a lot to read, a lot to keep up with, and very tedious. Gave it away. Otherwise, very fine lists from both of you. I especially congratulate the unexpected selection of Carcassonne, which I believe to be so classic that it's now underrated. Other two player games that my wife and I enjoy are Kahuna, Port Royal, Splendor, Kingdomino, Jaipur, Splendor. As you can probably tell we go for those games with quick setup, tight instructions, but nevertheless clever gameplay.

  18. 1. Caylus (old version)
    2. 7 Wonders duel + pantheon + agora
    3.Raja the dice game
    4. Shards of infinity
    5. Res Arcana
    6. Royal Visit
    7. Codex Naturalis
    8. Splendor Duel
    9. Botanik
    10. Teraaforming Mars + prélude

  19. 53:40
    I recently designed a 3D-printable insert and dice tower for the original printing of The Castles of Burgundy.
    Increase fun and reduce setup and teardown time 😀

    models can be found on printables (for free of course)

  20. I'm really surprised no one is suggesting Jaipur! It is a tight two-player only game with a strategy that I have yet to get on top of… 😩
    I love your channel. Keep on gaming!

  21. Why does dylan show game opened up on the table and carlo didn’t? It’s a video and i think this adds interest. Without visual this is just a podcast on a wierd medium

  22. 1. Unmatched
    2. Unmatched
    3. Dice Throne

  23. I think you should have included games that are better at more than 2, but beat another game that you enjoy at 2!

  24. 7 wonders duel didn’t really click with me. Gathering the science cards are completely luck based. Picking the cards in the pyramid is pretty luck driven too. I’ve only played the base game a couple times and it just didn’t seem exciting. Sure there’s multiple avenues to win but it seemed more to chance than any strategy to me.

  25. 7 wonders duel is the only game i have ever flipped over…and i feel like half them games would go to same category 😀

  26. Lots of overlap!
    I am definitely going to check out Stellar.
    My top 2 player games:
    The Castles of Burgundy
    7 Wonders Duel
    Paper Tales
    Azul Summer pavilion

  27. Thanks for the recommendations you guys are awesome

  28. Summoner Wars
    Twilight struggle
    War of the ring

  29. I don't think castles of burgundy will do another update in a few years. This Awaken Realms version looks so amazing there will never need to be another updated version

  30. Surprised to not see any Kris Burm games on the lists.

  31. I'm curious on what either of you think of Onitama and Hive. Ive recently picked up Onitama and can't wait to play it, but Hive is a favorite of mine.

  32. Do you have any house rules for Carcassonne? We dont play the Farmers rules. It feels too difficult to see on the tiles. Perhaps it is easier to see on the regular game; we have the winter version. We also never score unfinished roads. Finally, we recently tried the variant where you always have three tiles in your hand and play one. That was quite an interesting change.

  33. I agreed on carcassone, but Cascadia has replaced it as my fav 2-player game.

  34. 3. Citadels
    2. Onitama
    1. 7wd (especially with pantheon)

  35. I ordered battleline & Carcassonne because of this video. Super excited to play 😁

  36. Azul at no#5. I wonder how much higher it would land, considering there's a nifty mini/travel version out these days, at roughly half the price of the full size version.

  37. Do either of you play CoB with expansions? Which ones if so?
    I agree on Targi. Once the novelty of it’s main mechanic wears off it becomes redundant and boring

  38. Just found your videos last night and I'm enjoying them immensely. Hubs and I RV 6 months or so a year and it's been a quest to find good two players games that don't take up a lot of space, either in storage or in game play. Lost Cities is a favorite. We also have The Fox in the Forest, Jaipur, Star Realms (a fun but mean game!), Paperback, Guillotine, Seven Wonders Duel and Spirits of the Wild. Just ordered Patchwork, thanks to your recommendations. Thanks for the great reviews!

  39. Was there a guideline about no coop games? Because, I mean, Marvel Champions was literally right there. Maybe you guys think of it more as a solo game, but I definitely prefer it at 2. And even though I’m more drawn towards competitive games, Marvel Champions is solidly in my top 3 of all time, and would perhaps take the top spot if I were to do a top 2p games list.

  40. Great list fellas. 2 player games are maybe my favorite to play. You've mentioned many that I like a lot. Here's my top 10, but I could probably do a top 25 quite easily.

    Star Wars: Rebellion
    LoTR: Confrontation
    Air, Land & Sea
    Star Wars: X-wing (2nd ed)
    Undaunted Stalingrad

  41. Sequence, good two player game, great 4 player team game.

  42. Thanks, now I have some we have to check out. Santorini is being recommended all over the place and will probably be our next purchase. That and Radlands. Our favorite 2-player games are Istanbul (we have the Big Box and love it), Splendor Duel (and traditional Splendor), Spice Road, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Carcassonne, to name a few. Thanks again for the suggestions!

  43. ABYSS is awesome at two, Thunder & Lightning, Arnak, Eminent Domain (with expansions), Croakanole, Seasons, Imperial Setters, Dark Gothic, Race for El Dorado, Discoveries, 1775 (and the other two Birth of America Games), Tides of Madness Battlelore (I prefer first ed, but my copy is complete with all expansions, everything painted), Imperial, Tyrants of the underdark, 878 Vikings, Camel up, Neuroshima Hex, Star Trek Fleet Captains, ZombieCide, Imperial, 878 Vikings, backgammon.

  44. Best 2 player also generally best board game for me is Unmatched

  45. I love that you guys champion great games regardless of their age. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see older games prominently featured, as well as the inevitable newer titles. 😊

  46. If I don’t enjoy chess, will I like Santorini?

  47. Carcassonne Base Game? Or which expansions?

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