Bamboo Board Game | 2-Player Playthrough | Review -

Bamboo Board Game | 2-Player Playthrough | Review

Ant Lab Games
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Join Anthony and Frances from Ant Lab Games for a full 2 player playthrough and review of the Bamboo board game.

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**Review copy of Bamboo provided by Devir

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  1. 27:04 you only did one thing for the balance action when you should get 2!

  2. I love how you describe games and where they sit on your shelf. We refer to some as dumpster games. Games we enjoy and don’t mind if someone is a little rough on the cards when shuffling or knocks a drink over it’s all good cause it’s a dumpster game. Every good gamer needs a few dumpster games 😅

  3. Bitoku is my favourite board game, so I was really curious about Bamboo. Great playthrough! I really enjoyed it and I'll buy it for Christmas. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Those spirits only reset during winter if you pay their cost.

  5. Thanks guys! I did a solo two handed game before watching this and you made me aware of about three things I did wrong. So glad to see my mistakes so I can do a better job teaching it

  6. Love the playthrough… but just as a note at 42:20 you could not score your second balance tile as both home tiles were not on the right side

  7. I noticed you often forgot to score yourselves points when buying home improvement items.

  8. Left and right scoring tiles don’t have to match with left/right decoration tiles? Or can you use any tile anywhere?

  9. When is this game available to buy? I cant find it online

  10. Really looking forward to this one. Thanks for the play through!!

  11. If Silk is one of the games in that 3-game saga, then that was the first one, not an upcoming one. From 2018 according to BGG.

  12. Looks like a great game! Thanks for the playthrough😊
    Curious if you know when the game is being released?

  13. Didn't know anything about this game, but am so glad your video popped up in my feed. First of all, thanks for the rules overview and the playthrough! I like Devir games, I used to live in Japan so I love all the cultural nods in the game, and the gameplay looks really fun. (It also looks like a great way to introduce new gamers to a lot of different mechanisms in an unintimidating way.) Not much info on BGG or Devir's website, but I'm guessing this one is going straight or retail (sooner rather than later)? (Side note: Have you heard any tidbits about the upcoming Devir game, The White Castle? It's done by the same duo that did The Red Cathedral and it features my favorite castle in Japan, Himeji Castle.) Anyway, thanks again for the playthrough!

  14. Thanks for the playthrough 🙏🏻 my favorite duo ! Im so excited for this one, hope it will release soon!

  15. I had thought this might be a family/kids game but this is really for at least 10-12 year olds. As an adult game, I can’t tell if this has legs. We love Creature Comforts, so its not like all our games need to be Ark Nova, but hard to tell how fun this one is to play. Love the world and art and components and production, for sure. What makes the fun in the game play would you all say?

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