[AMSTRAD CPC] VALENTINE'S AMSTREAM SPECIAL! Mr vs Mrs Xyphoe - 2 Player Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream] - hypernaturalgames.com

[AMSTRAD CPC] VALENTINE’S AMSTREAM SPECIAL! Mr vs Mrs Xyphoe – 2 Player Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream]

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Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] VALENTINE’S AMSTREAM SPECIAL! Mr vs Mrs Xyphoe – 2 Player Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream]
Friday 14th February 21:00 (GMT)
#amstream #amstrad #amstradcpc

*** 25:30 Mrs Xyphoe appears! ***
*** 34:02 Game footage start! ***
*** Games featured – Target Renegade, WWF Wrestlemania, Battle Ships, Pang, Double Dragon, Psycho Pigs UXB, Barbarian, Mikie! ***

Allright guys! Tonight on the Amstream…. it’s a 🌹 VALENTINE’S SPECIAL! 🌹
With MR VS MRS XYPHOE!! 😱 ❤️

Yes! Well, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day … how do I keep Mrs Xyphoe happy and stream at the same time? The answer – invite and make her part of the stream for live 2 player Amstrad action!!! So yes indeed, Mrs Xyphoe will be making her live debut for the very first time, taking me on and working cooperatively in some of the best 2 player games the Amstrad CPC has to offer! ❤️

This will include games like Target Renegade, Double Dragon, Ikari Warriors, Barbarian, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin-Op, Gauntlet, Spy Vs Spy, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Pang and many many more!


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♪ Music! ♪
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  1. so hate being a grown-up,past few wks iv had work saturday so had to go bed early and miss the past few live streams 🙁

  2. Hahaha this is awesome. Xyphoe is legit the coolest dude ever and now we have Mrs Xyphoe who is legit the coolest dudette ever. Awesome red hair and a kind face. Boom 👊🏻

  3. Pang looks great. No idea they converted it so well.

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