[AMSTRAD CPC]⚡️AMSTREAM 🕹️New Game! 💎"CPC JEWELS"!💎 + ⭐️2 Player Games! & Your Game Requests! 🕹️ - hypernaturalgames.com

[AMSTRAD CPC]⚡️AMSTREAM 🕹️New Game! 💎”CPC JEWELS”!💎 + ⭐️2 Player Games! & Your Game Requests! 🕹️

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[AMSTRAD CPC]⚡️AMSTREAM 🕹️New Game! 💎”CPC JEWELS”!💎 + ⭐️2 Player Games! & Your Game Requests! 🕹️
Friday 18th November 21:00 (GMT)

Timings –
00:00 Intro & Greetings
24:12 CPC Jewels
1:21:58 2-Player Online CPC Jewels!!!
1:44:07 Target Renegade (2 Player Online)
1:58:02 Bubble Bobble 4 CPC (2 Player Online)
2:55:14 Fres Fighter (2 Player Online – but lag problems)
3:28:47 Batty (2 Player Online)
3:42:40 Barbarian (2 Player Online)
3:50:54 Ikari Warriors (2 Player Online)
4:00:43 The Island Of Dr. Destructo (2 Player Online)
4:34:13 Ball Crazy
4:49:55 Relentless

Tonight on the AMSTREAM we have another big new Amstrad release!…

⭐️💎 “CPC JEWELS”! 💎⭐️
🕹️ Sega’s Columns converted to the Amstrad!! 🕹️

From the brilliant ESP Soft and team that brought you “Red Sunset”, “Galactic Tomb” and more on the CPC, comes a big new release and (un-official of course) conversion of Sega’s classic and popular puzzle game “Columns” to the Amstrad under the name – “CPC Jewels”! It looks like it’s near perfect if not better with new modes, and it of course retains the split screen two player option! Graphically gorgeous and sounds fantastic, I can’t wait to check it out fully with you all tonight!

Then we are looking at…

🕹️ The Best 2-Player Amstrad Games? 🕹️

As a little bonus feature tonight I thought we could look at and discuss what are the best 2-player Amstrad games to play with or against your friends and family members! For a potential special video or stream in the future…. so get thinking! And maybe we can decide on which are the best!

After all that it’s your…..

⭐️ Amstrad Game Requests! ⭐️

For the rest of the stream and night it’s of course your Amstrad game requests to chill out with! Bonus points for requesting the more unusual and unheard of games!

A fun packed Amstream tonight as always!


Link to get CPC Jewels (digital version) here ▶
Physical edition here ▶

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Any synthwave music you hear in the stream is done by one of our very own… (you’ll have seen him in live streams before!) the excellent “24:7” from his awesome “Zero Hour” and “NAEON” albums. More info and to buy tracks here –


  1. Yeah, the cross power up in Bubble Bobble, on stage 15, you did shout it out, is a must collect! Think it scrolls up a couple of stages, and more if the player or players hold the joystick, and fire button in a specific configuration, whilst the stages scroll past. Great to see the two player option is working. Board games like monopoly, would allow 4 players,, if it got a release for the Amstrad? It did get a release for the ZX Spectrum. The GAMES series do possibly accommodate Upto 8 players? Winter, Summer or California, thery're turn based play. Lots of Arcade games had alternating two player Vs score attack play modes. Assuming the port still has the two player option? Or maybe best of three rounds for any short sequence game?

  2. Played the Megadrive 'Collumns' for many hours, back in the day. This game does present extremely well, like you mentioned the key element will be the control response, so I am very tempted to purchase a digital copy, and run it via emulator to explore this further. Audiowise this game's music is too much like the Sega Game Gear version, which never came closer to the Megadrive's background music tracks. Not bothered by the World Cup Soccer, I will keep an eye on Belgium's progress, I drew them in a sweep at work, really pleased I didn't draw England or Quatar. Your comment 'Hate all the bollocks, 'I presume your still talking about the world cup, yeah totally agree!. I really dislike the World in Motion 'song'' and those bloody 'three lions' were flogged to death so many years ago, the only years of hurt are perpetuated by hearing that awful song again, and again.

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