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9 Great Two Player Games

Meepleville Board Game Cafe
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9 great games for 2 players
0:00 Introduction
0:33 Cold War CIA vs KGB
1:19 Patchwork
2:15 Hanamikoji
3:11 Twilight Struggle
4:19 Fox in the Forest
5:00 Air Land and Sea
5:47 Watergate
6:40 Lord of the Rings: Confrontation
7:44 War of the Ring



  1. I’m finding it very hard to get ahold of Hanamikoji! I really want that game!

  2. First! Awesome vid Timm, hope to see more like it in the future. Not sure how practical it is, but some gameplay footage or B-roll would go along great with your descriptions.

  3. Timm, I watched the Dice Tower's trick-taking video yesterday and just had to subscribe to your channel. I've really been enjoying your content and I love your thoughtful delivery. Thank you for another great video, I learned about a few games!

  4. Great list of some great games – thanks for the video. Keep em coming!

  5. Thanks Timm, Just a quick question, how do you rate 7 Wonders Duel? Is that goes out of the list because you prefer those nines?

  6. I've been at Meepleville Board Game Cafe as soon as they had opened and loved that place from start and still do. I'm glad to see it grow! Keep up the good work!

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