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8 Great Sniping Games You Can Play Now

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With another Sniper Elite game releasing, it’s time to take a look at the best sniping experiences you can find, including games like Escape From Tarkov, Squad, and even Hitman. 

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Sniper Elite
02:05 – Sniper Ghost Warrior
03:59 – Hitman 2 Sniper Assassin
05:05 – Escape From Tarkov
07:20 – Battlefield
09 – 36 Arma
10:49 – Squad
12:13 – Sniper Elite VR

Video Notes: 
The upcoming release of Sniper Elite 5 provides a good opportunity to look at games with the best sniping mechanics that you can play right now. In this video, we cover a wide range of first-person shooters, including single-player, combined arms multiplayer games, and some pretty hardcore military sim titles. This list includes something for everyone, from casual to competitive and hardcore gamers. 

Games that get sniping right are actually a bit rare because creating good sniping experiences in video games is complicated. Sniping or even long-range shooting isn’t easy for developers to model and balance in video games. Real-world distance shooting involves so many factors like range, windage, and drag, which requires a decent amount of math to do correctly. Video games also aren’t that great at simulating the mindset snipers experience, like the stress and pressure they go through taking the perfect shot. Developers compromise in different ways for different audiences to make sniping in video games fun. 

We’ll take a look at a variety of approaches to sniping, including games for more casual players, such as Sniper Elite, Sniper Ghost Warrior, and Hitman 2 Sniper Assassin. After that, we’ll dial in on games with great sniping and bullet physics for competitive multiplayer fans, including Escape From Tarkov and Battlefield. Next, we’ll hit the games for the hardcore crowd that give the most realistic experience possible, with toward Arma and Squad. Finally, we’ll give some thought to the pros and cons of sniping in virtual reality.

This video covers a host of games out now on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Let us know what you’re favorite game is or if there’s one that we missed, and we’ll include it in future videos!


  1. Bill ewityer in mouth forks stela bad eye aim grosmeat rochg

  2. Info stsal jos hac bad eye hitnme me aim

  3. Wow i didn't expect that to happen at 1:05 haha. Lets take a moment and apperciate all the hard work he puts into the content for us! Thanks for the videos.

  4. Hopefully ps5 and other major platforms will develop a compatible light gun. Until then, I’ve got a 72” 4K UHD paper thin tv… playing Duck Hunt.

  5. BF4 all day, wins sniping! For satisfaction.

  6. Sims and games Are different big style. and both game playing is wether u keep playing or get bored and don't even complete. there has to be in its game . a chance to win. and also enjoy. a good story helps to. a sim u may die and thats it. but a game can make u learn to

  7. Ghost Recon is one of the best games also, especially if you choose the Sharpshooter character. I'm surprised you didn't mention it.

  8. For be sniping no better then into the radius

  9. I love sniping, but I would rather play a game like BF4, BF5, or even BF 2042. Because I can't just snipe for hours, nor can I crawl around and sneak about the map looking for the perfect spot for even 10 minutes. lol… I love the games I mentioned because I can switch back and forth between the types, including driving a tank or just a jeep around with some C4 on it. lol 🙂

  10. Onward is actually quite good as far as VR games go, though the arsenal in that game is a little bit limited when compared to certain other games.

  11. UPDATE: There is now a new Live Action version of the game available in Ukraine. Get on a plane and join in.

  12. ARMA and DCS – a match made in heaven! I wish, those two could talk to each other. Ground combat in ARMA working with DCS aircraft… 🙂

  13. I always did quite a bit of sniping in the far cry games as well as MGS5. if I was coming up to an outpost, I'd snipe as many guards as I could and then go in with my AR and clean up the rest.

  14. Definitely a big fan of the SE series and the SWG series. Although I think SE is a better series overall.

  15. You can snipe in Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint and they always have realistic shooting meaning you have to adjust your aiming according to distance because the bullets drop. What I do when I equip a new rifle (you can choose everything not only the optics) is shooting at a tree to see how much the bullet drops at different distances because you have no red dot that tells you where the bullet will hit. I find them much more fun and interesting for sniping than all the games mentioned here and they are really open world so you can travel with any vehicle and approach a mission in any way you want.

  16. try ghost recon wildlands or breakpoint for sniping

  17. which of them would you reccomend for left hand disabled person? thank you

  18. The Hunter, Call of the Wild…

  19. Awesome vid!!! Bf 2042 has consistent scope ticks depending on rifle. Was super happy to see arma and squad on the list. I'm still in the leaning curve of both of these lol

  20. SGW:Contracts 2 Deadeye is the most fun of them all.

  21. BRO is still recommending BF4 :), I really wish BF4 can have more active players after all these years, It's so much fun and just a fantastic Battlefield game.

  22. We don't need of lots of advice, you talk too much 🤮

  23. I enjoyed your video, the moment I saw the Falcon 4.0 manual I knew you were around my vintage, great progress since then on PC sims

  24. I didn’t know the WHOLE SHELL was the BULLET

  25. I want a game skin where you can defend the Capital by targeting QAnnon traitor insurrectionists charging the building

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    DEAD EYE?!?!?!???!?

    That's it SUCKER, I'm getting Arthur Morgan and John Masrston and we'll show yall the REAL DEAD EYE

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