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6 Great Board Games for Just 2 Players

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It’s always good to have a decent selection of games that work well with just two players. Whether it’s you and an old friend catching up at a pub or your 50th game of a favourite title with your significant other. Let’s be honest, maybe everyone else who was supposed to be coming to games night has cancelled. Well don’t worry! Here’s Wheels with 6 great games for just 2 players.

1. Jaipur –

2. Fugitive –

3. Brawl –

4. Summoner Wars –

5. Tash Kalar –

6. Memoir: 44 –


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  1. I’ll stick with zombicide. Can be 1-12 players as long as you have the extra pieces of course.

    I have done single player but I controlled multiple survival characters. It’s always fun.

  2. "6 great board games" – shows 4 card games and 2 board games… lol

  3. Star Realms is a good 2 player came as well

  4. Great Job!!!
    Just subscribed.
    Have two of the six and now looking into the others.
    We also enjoy Ticket to Ride : Nordic (designed for 2-3 players) and just discovered Potion Explosion, can be played with more, but has been great with just the two of us.

  5. Brawl basicly becomes ligretto on speed

  6. Targi, 7 wonders duel, jaipur, yes arboretum great too

  7. Jaipur looks awesome! We like Castles of Burgundy or Viticulture for 2 players. And splendor is always a go-to in our house!

  8. The River from Days of Wonder and Citrus from TMG are great at two players. They play up go 4 or 5 players, but have 2p sides of their boards that scale for two players well. I feel like they get overlooked as they're not solely advertised for two players

  9. Holyshitwhydidtheyletmepicksuchalongnameibetyourenotevenreadingthis says:

    Get Hanamikoji! Its such an elegant game, its easy to learn and understand, but the decision making is so intense. Also the artwork is top-notch

  10. Chess is 1500 years old. And there are more possible outcomes in a single game of chess than, an estimated, total number of atomic particles in the material universe. Worth a look…

  11. I also really like Nusfjord and Tiny epic Galaxies in 2p mode.

  12. Can we please get a "2 Great games for 6 players" guide too? I like going boardgaming with a group but I don't have a certain companion for 2 player games, even three or 4 player max games to be relevant to me 🙁

  13. Good list! I really enjoy Jaipur, but I don't like the "randomness" of Summoner Wars that much.

  14. Mate no offense but I couldn't care less about Mad Max: Fury Road being your favorite movie. Tell me about the fucking board games, and quickly. Time is a precious commodity and I want to spend it playing inane, monotonous board games!

  15. Add in Watergate – that is an absolute delight with 2 players!

  16. Ticket to ride London edition is my favorite 2 player

  17. Sounds so boring! is it because the guy`s narrative sound so boring or the games are boring?

  18. So the list of best board games for 2 people doesn't include chess or Go.
    Just a piles of cardboard with complicated rules .
    I have a feeling no one will be playing any of these games in 10 years let alone 1000

  19. My girlfriend: "BOOOOO, NO ONE CARES, YOUR BEARD SUCKS!!!" Me: writes this comment , Her: "No babe, don't say that, it will make him feel bad!"

  20. This list is amazing. Been looking for a couple games for two players to do with my brother during the quarantine.

  21. Our favorite list:
    1. Everdell
    2. Rummikub
    3. Hardback
    4. 7w duel
    5. Catan 2p card game
    6. Tiny Tokaido
    7. Blokus 2p
    8. Chocolatiers

    Every Friday evening Legacy of Dragonholt.

  22. 20:00 the main attraction of memoir’44 is that you don’t try to annihilate each other. Instead you try to gain victory points.
    This allows for great variety.

    There are also tons and tons of missions for free that you can play with just the base game.
    Do not get any of the expansions because you won’t be able to find that specific item in those boxes!
    The main reason why enthousiasts never actually play memoir any more ever again…
    Less is more.

  23. the pur in jaipur is the cat purr.. pu – as in putin..

  24. Cosmic encounter duel is great with high replay value. The tactics tokens are lane tho and should have just been cards

  25. What about two player games for more advanced players?

  26. "Orbital Velocity" is a new strong 2 player game

  27. "A parent introducing their child to the big wide world of board gaming." I think I'd be the one introducing it to my mum 😂

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  29. Sagrada is a great one as well. Surprised more people aren’t talking about it. After I taught my friends they requested it for every game night after. It’s a great two player and with the expansion it can go up to 6 players. There are also rules to play solo!

  30. Got to say, your impression of Jeremy Clarkson is superb!

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  32. Great video of some of my not favourite games.

  33. Great video and details a number of good games but most of them are card games not board games. Could you do a video that are all board games

  34. Fugitive looks really fun, I’ll have to pick it up

  35. Does an imaginary friend count as a second person?

  36. Wow! Nice content! I also want to share this Lagim Card game that my family and I are enjoying. It's amazing that they actually came up with the idea of Philippine Folklore since it's kind of dying down a bit. It will surely educate future generations.

  37. Is there a game like Memoire 44 that is Fantasy themed?

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