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50 Best Games To Play With Friends (50 Great Co-Op / Multiplayer Games 2022)

Rocket Sloth
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With coop for Halo Infinite being delayed until almost mid 2022 we really started looking for coop games to play with friends. So here are the 50 best games to play with friends in 2022. Games that are more fun with friends that are coming out soon or are already out.

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Introduction 0:00 – 1:55
Drak Pictures Anthology 1:56 – 3:20
We Were Here Games 3:21 – 4:22
A Way Out / It Takes Two 4:23 – 6:10
FarCry 6 and more 6:11 – 7:26
Back 4 Blood (and Zombie games) 7:27 – 8:39
Perfect Dark Games 8:40 – 9:56
New Saints Row Game 9:57 – 11:04
Sea of Thieves 11:05 – 12:51
Halo Infinite (soon) and other Halo Games 12:52 – 13:40
Borderlands Franchise 13:41 – 14:11
Action RPG’s 14:12 – 14:59
New Division Game / Rainbow Six Extraction 14:50 – 15:45
Call of Duty Coop 15:46 – 16:15
The Escapists Franchise 16:16 – 16:33
Castle Crashers 16:34 – 16:52
Portal 2 16:53 – 17:12
Gears of War Franchise 17:13 – 17:34
Outriders 17:35 – 17:59
Survival Coop Games 18:00 – 18:22
GTA Heists or Red Dead Poker 18:23 – 18:32
Four Kings Casino 18:33 – 19:00
Battle Royale Games 19:01 – 19:33
Meme Games 19:34 – 20:05
Golf With Your Friends 20:06 – 20:14
Pummel Party (Mario Party Clone) 20:15 – 20:26
Humans Fall Flat 20:27 – 20:47
Games With Friends 20:48 – 21:13


  1. I am incredibly disappointed by the lack of Payday 2 on here

  2. one game Deep rock galactic that all you need

  3. I'm so invested in Deep Rock Galactic now, woth over 600 hours in it. It's technically a looter shooter, but it becomes a really chill game to just pay and chat with friends while doing unique jobs and shooting lots of bugs. They've just come out with their Season 1 with a new battle pass that's completely free (unlike all newer games). The online community is also amazing and joining almost any match puts you with chill and fun people.

  4. I like how they showed Roblox hospital clips from Ruben Sim and he’s getting sued for more than $1m

  5. I have to admit, I hoped to see Team Fortress 2.

    But it's understandable with its current situation.

  6. Hunter call of the wild is another fun co-op game you can play.

  7. Always have to recommend the sweet co-op story of Haven!

  8. stick fight: good for rage and rammbling fun
    garrys mod: good for frustration and hilarrious modding

  9. “My name is Elijah” hits wayyyy better!! Hell yes Elijah and Luke

  10. Missed a couple. Terraria is amazing. The Forest is a great time with friends. Smash Bros (along with many Nintendo titles) is a great time. Nobody will know this game so I don’t blame you for not having it, but the greatest party game of all time, Knight Squad. Phasmaphobia, Amogus, and of course, good ol’ Uno. (Last one should only be played if you are ok with a late night filled with yelling)

    Also. You talked about the Dark Pictures Anthology, but didn’t mention the best game in the series, Until Dawn.

  11. Does coop even work in MCC? Last I tried it was unplayable

  12. Dont play saints row 2 on pc, its speed is tied to the cpu and it dont end well. But it is an awesome game and has a solid story while also having a great sense of humor, RIP Carlos :'(

  13. Don't know if you have heard of this, but there is a old 3rd Person Shooter Game I loved called Lost Planet 2. Could you look into playing it?

  14. Far Cry 4 was the first have co op, but the feature was missing from Primal

    World War Z is a much more polished game that better captures the design philosophy of Left 4 Dead

    Minecraft Dungeons is made for people who have never played an isometric dungeon crawler before. Ultimate Alliance is also a good place to start, but beware the console remaster. The save system in that does not work

    The recent Ghost Recon games are a much less toxic tactical shooter option. Future Soldier is a great linear introduction to the genre, Wildlands is a massive time commitment that can be really immersive, and Breakpoint is extremely cool… and also one of the buggiest games I've ever played

    Gears 5 is perfect if you have a new or non-gamer in your group since it has a support character who requires very little motor reflexes to play

    Ring of Elysium is a present day mixed perspective battle royale with unique snow-based vehicles and movement mechanics. It kind of reminds me of the mission Cliffhanger from Modern Warfare 2

    Viscera Cleanup Detail is one of my favorite meme games. It's one part environmental puzzle, one part busywork simulator, and one part screw around with your friends, all wrapped in this satirical sci fi beurocracy theme

    Dead Space 3 is some of the most fun I've ever had in co op. The way it presents the world differently to each player is nothing short of brilliant. It plays best on the highest difficulty you have available from the start with no scavenger bots allowed so the power creep doesn't get out of control. Nothing has ever had us getting into character like this game did

  15. I think it'd be very interesting to watch the Rocket Sloth crew play Sea of Theives, because not only is it just a chaotic, fun mess, but the team dynamic would be amazing, especially in stream format.

  16. Feels like this video was rushed or the team just wasn't that informed about some things

  17. 12:57 may 2021 passed lol I think you ment may 2022 but I get it making videos is hard

  18. Dark Souls is one.

    Play Dark Souls. With your friends.


    All of you.


  19. I know this is controversial but Dead by Daylight although can be extremely toxic with its player base most of the time, just playing the game with friends as survivors vs a random killer and be pretty enjoyable aswell as being competitive

  20. Gang Beasts would have been a good addition

  21. Avoid gta 5 its too much of a money grind any fun died long ago

  22. Who the f told you that infinite is going to have co op when it launches, they have stated mutliple times that that is not the case, same as forge

  23. Oh friends yeah I have those I was also devastated when I heard I won't be able to play with them yeah hmm

  24. I wanted to send in discord but anyways, I was just playing Halo reach new Alexandria and I got the rare dialogue of buck, he legit said "see you in hell" you probably already know of this but I was just thinking about the litterary link from Dante's inferno

  25. This guy has such a perfect voice for narration man, I don't even watch other halo YouTubers hahaha

  26. This is just the video me and my friends were looking for ty!

  27. I would like to suggest Deep Rock Galactic. It's such a good co-op game that I never play it by myself. It's just infinitely more fun with other people

  28. Deep rock galactic is pretty great with friends

  29. don’t starve together 10/10 recommend, high difficulty tho

  30. Classic doom (Doomseeker) has some of the most enjoyable coop I've ever played. Aside from a few toxic people it's very enjoyable to play and some of the multiplayer mods are addicting.

  31. your devotion to go out of your way to sell these games is craZy

  32. That's it I'm rioting. How could you not add Resident Evil 5 on a top co-op games list?

  33. 12:56 Well this is news to me, didnt realize it isnt getting coop before may 2021

  34. Me watching this knowing damn well I don't have friends

  35. Raft is an amazing co-op survival game. I'm suprised it was not on the list.

  36. It takes two is definately my game of the year

  37. All the games in the serious sam collection are 16 player co-op and are a lot of fun

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