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50 Best Games To Play With Friends (50 Great Co-Op / Multiplayer Games 2022)

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With coop for Halo Infinite being delayed until almost mid 2022 we really started looking for coop games to play with friends. So here are the 50 best games to play with friends in 2022. Games that are more fun with friends that are coming out soon or are already out.

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Introduction 0:00 – 1:55
Drak Pictures Anthology 1:56 – 3:20
We Were Here Games 3:21 – 4:22
A Way Out / It Takes Two 4:23 – 6:10
FarCry 6 and more 6:11 – 7:26
Back 4 Blood (and Zombie games) 7:27 – 8:39
Perfect Dark Games 8:40 – 9:56
New Saints Row Game 9:57 – 11:04
Sea of Thieves 11:05 – 12:51
Halo Infinite (soon) and other Halo Games 12:52 – 13:40
Borderlands Franchise 13:41 – 14:11
Action RPG’s 14:12 – 14:59
New Division Game / Rainbow Six Extraction 14:50 – 15:45
Call of Duty Coop 15:46 – 16:15
The Escapists Franchise 16:16 – 16:33
Castle Crashers 16:34 – 16:52
Portal 2 16:53 – 17:12
Gears of War Franchise 17:13 – 17:34
Outriders 17:35 – 17:59
Survival Coop Games 18:00 – 18:22
GTA Heists or Red Dead Poker 18:23 – 18:32
Four Kings Casino 18:33 – 19:00
Battle Royale Games 19:01 – 19:33
Meme Games 19:34 – 20:05
Golf With Your Friends 20:06 – 20:14
Pummel Party (Mario Party Clone) 20:15 – 20:26
Humans Fall Flat 20:27 – 20:47
Games With Friends 20:48 – 21:13


  1. best video to find out some really good games!! Keep up the work my G

  2. Destiny 2??? JAJAJAJAJA Better play Warframe it´s way better and FREE2PLAY

  3. what a legend really put castle crashers up here

  4. The We Were Here series is damn amazing. it's so underrated. It has a good story and really, really fun puzzles

  5. Mcc campaign coop been broken forever they litterly said that there just not gonna fix it for awhile kinda bs

  6. one of the most shittyest list and videos ive seen in a long time

  7. Joel 2:32
    King James Version
    32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call

  8. This man put footage of Golf It (TRASH GAME BTW) instead of footage Golf With Your Friends when he talked about GWYF!!! (GOAT multiplayer minigolf game btw)

  9. When you are talking about Golf with your friends (20:05) you are actually showing content of the game Golf It

  10. Ty my guy!
    Bc of you im not bored anymore😭

  11. Lol.. I got a quick fix for blue light.. 1 thing is playing in a room with background light, such as night lamps or aquariums.

    Other fix is turning the contrast down while you have the feeling of strain on your eyes. because then you get the best result, and you will get used to it.

  12. I mean A way out is one of the most underrated games and it's so fun to play considering the good story and gameplay and scenario a totally masterpiece

  13. Try valheim or untruned this list is way too basic. They got these games right off cooptimus list, its a little.. Lackluster. Elite dangerous is also great with friends.

  14. awesome! I have most games, just need a friend.

  15. After scrolling through my games for an hour and a half I still have not decided what to play

  16. Imagine being so stupid that you have to play on xbox

  17. there is no point to play these games for me because i dont have friends to play games with 🙂 🙁

  18. The main problem with video gaming and multiplayer games is the simple fact that well it's in the word multiplayer you're having to deal with other human beings that probably are only interested in wasting people's time and trolling don't even get me started the hacking glitching using cheats mods the list goes on and on and on

  19. Back 4 Blood is terrible is better to buy left 4 dead than that game full of bugs.

  20. I mean I am not a fan of roblox but my friend group the seven of us are just stupid you can make some really funny memories on this game

    And good old Titan fall 2

    But the best on this list is obviously halo master chief collection

  21. Cook serve delicious is also a great co-op game

  22. The world is going down , I mean I was searching for games, actual games real life games to play with friends and I got this

  23. Wow. Huge props for including Perfect Dark.

  24. Missed this upcoming multiplayer game Meta Island, also coming this year and we can play here with friends or meet new ones since the game allows 1000 players on the island.

  25. A problem with sea of thieves that me and my friend found annoying, is that world events occure too often.
    Our style of gameplay was very basic: If they shoot first its combat time, if they are better equipped than us, it's time to run away
    This far its fine, but what became extremely annoying is just how frequent events would take place
    Firstly we got attacked by a megalodon who suddenly became aggressive for no reason, while we were in combat with an enemy ship
    Then another megalodon while also in combat
    The final straw became when me and a friend, on a sloop, was attacked by a KRAKEN WHILE BEING HUNTED BY A GALLEON
    Other than that, the aggressive megalodons and krakens would also (and almost only) come whenever we split up to try and mix things up, rather than all be on a boat all the time.

    I've seen few games, where the occurences of random events, simply ruin the experience.

  26. Step 1: Get friends
    Step 2: Cry because you can't get friends

  27. is itsjust me that thinks that rubber bandits is soo underrated??

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