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5 Must Play Atari Games | 2 Player Games

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  1. Outlaw and boxing Activision another great games for 2p. I'll try to find driving controller but in Spain it's difficult to find, indy 500 is very common here loose.

  2. Great vid. I bought Warlords. Can't wait to play this with my family.

  3. Another couple great two player games are 'Frogs and Flies' and 'Artillery Duel'. Frogs and Flies is two frogs leaping back and forth on lily pads eating flies. Artillery Duel is on a double ended cartridge with Chuck Norris Superkicks. You play as competing armies trying to hit each other with missiles. One player fires, then the other player fires. It's not simultaneous. You have to figure out the correct angle and trajectory and factor in the wind. You even get a celebratory march after you hit your opponent. Two players who understand the game can have fun.

  4. Played those games except for Mario bros 🤔 I never got it, none of my friends had it, at the time I wasn’t getting games on my own so no chance I would’ve gotten it.
    Great video Brian ✌🏽👍🏽

  5. Hockey was the go to game when my friends came over, also warlords was fun and a little more fast pace.

  6. 5 great choices. Mario Bros is amazing as a co-op game. Combat to this day is wicked fun with a buddy. It's a great drinking game if that's your thing. And hey Linda! Brian is the Intellivision Creep, I'M THE ATARI CREEP. Lol. Just joking, Brian knows his shit everyone.

  7. lmao Linda's intro was teriffic 😂 Warlords will always be my favorite Atari 2600 multiplayer game. It's a great party game when you've got a lot of people over! I always use it as a wonderful way to get people reintroduced to Atari and create new memories. Nice how you highlighted how the 4-Player paddle games work on 2600. Also, the worst criminal for defacing game cartridges with labels was Blockbuster Video. It seems like every rental game they ever had was defaced by stickers that couldn't be removed. Fantastic video Brian, thank you!

  8. Nice video. I learned how to handle the CPU in Ice Hockey. Video Olympics is my favorite multi-player competitive game. Dozens of Pong variations gives it lots of replay value.

  9. I haven't played Warlords in 4 player mode since like 1985.

  10. I love the original Mario Bros on any system . I actually started with it on my NES and played it all the time with my older brother . I later bought it for my 2600 , 5200 , 7800 and the arcade port for my Switch . Probably my biggest collection of a game across multiple platforms aside from my Popeye collection . Another great 2600 game for two is Outlaw . Thanks for another great video Brian !!!!

  11. "Everybody needs more combat" Brian – circa 2019. What a great line hahahaha

  12. Hi Brian, my favourite 2600 games (only based on what I played as a kid and had available to me) were, Midnight Magic, Tomcat, Kung Fu Master, Kangaroo and River Raid. Honourable mention to Stampede

  13. Awesome video man ! I like that you picked really common games for this list . The only one I don’t have is Ice Hockey ( though technically I have it on the Activision Anthology on PS2 , still now I want to get an actual 2600 cart of that .) keep up the great work man!

  14. I have fond memories of playing combat against my father, but it was the Intellivision version , I can't remember the name. He had Joystick add ons attached to his controllers which was awesome.

  15. Maze Craze and Surround are two great ones yours were good picks thow 👍🏼

  16. Combat…the first game that created "gaming rage"!

  17. HAHA great to see Linda on the channel 😉 solid list right there. My personal favorite has to be Combat.
    Cheers Brian.

  18. My cousin and I used to play 2-player 'Demons To Diamonds' on the 2600 (Good times!) Fun video, man.

  19. I had a blast thinking about an intro for your channel. Thanks for the link. Cool video. I agree on the list.

  20. Great video Brian. Here are some other great 2 player games for the Atari 2600.





    Frogs & Flies



    GI Joe



  21. i think it's a great list,i wouldn't change anything. it's cool that you included the 4 players warlords

  22. Nice video, and nice selections Brian! Personally I would have thrown Space War in there too. A lot of Atari VCS/2600 games featuring single player modes with a computer AI opponents made it tough to beat the computer AI opponent. Title Match Pro Wrestling from Absolute Entertainment shares a similar graphical style to Atari's RealSports Boxing. Of course the computer AI opponent can be beaten in RealSports Boxing. In Title Match Pro Wrestling good luck beating the computer AI opponent without becoming a true master expert on the game. I agree with you that one of the strengths Atari games commonly had was the multiple variations for most games.

  23. Ice Hockey has two modes. The puck slows and stops in the regular mode. The other mode the puck keeps moving and ricocheting off the walls

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