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5 Minigames in Minecraft! [Easy]

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5 Simple Games in Minecraft for 1 and 2 Player! This are 5 easy Minigames to play with your Friends! Can you beat my Minecraft Highscore?


Easy and Simple Minigames in Minecraft! Build these Multiplayer Games in your Survival World to play games versus your friends! Games to set a Highscore in Minecraft for your Realm or Server!
Building with Redstone in Minecraft is fun. This Safe Base is what Dream could need in the Minecraft Manhunt! Sapnap and Georgenotfound would definitely loose the Manhunt if Dream uses this Safe Base Base! I love to build these Ideas with my friends or prank my friends on a Minecraft Server. The Hermitcraft Server with Grian and Mumbo Jumbo could use the Safest House for their Pranks too. It is always funny and we laugh a lot! Minecraft: 10+ Simple Redstone Builds! This Video is the same style like the Minecraft: 10+ Zombie Redstone Build Hacks and also the Among Us and Fortnite video I am planning to upload!

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Music in this Video:
1. Fredji – Happy Life
2. Fredji – Blue Sky
3. Fredji – Flying High
4. Fredji – Welcome Sunshine
5. Fredji & Tobsky – Flow
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  1. Well i litterly made the same thing (İ mean chicken hunt) i made the same minigame but i added something different, i made difficulty, like, easy, medium and hard, easy is so close to place where we have to shoot to chickens, medium is a bit more far away from easy one, and hard is also a little bit fae away from medium, i also added trees and stuff around the minigame and difficultys, well, isnt that exciting?

  2. BBlocks. The problem with my race course is that there is too many cows,sheep's and pigs. what should I do

  3. The generator does the spleef just pours lava everywhere when I try this. What do?

  4. The first mini game was amazing! I made it a bit challenging tho…👉👈

  5. Hatsuki SkunkGirl: CaptainFrance140’s 2nd Youtuber says:

    How did you make a tiner

  6. Hatsuki SkunkGirl: CaptainFrance140’s 2nd Youtuber says:

    How do you make a timer

  7. thank you for the ideas ! i will atleast have some more projects 😀

  8. You should probably add a barrier wall between the two checkpoints in Time Run in case someone tries to cheat


  10. Ile na ile tam gdzie sie strzela i wylatują fajerwerki?

  11. First time ever, someone makes a good and easy to follow tutorial

  12. Chicken Hunt is fun game it work on my Minecraft thanks for the tutorial 😊🎉

  13. On time parkour I beat your score you got 71 first I got 62😊

  14. He keeps saying the red stone is simple

  15. These are awesome had some trouble with the cobblestone generator though maybe it’s a Xbox thing but the lave wouldn’t mix with the water from the stairs when it flows downwards for some reason had to make it flow in from the side not sure why that is but I was able to make my own contraption to make the pistons n such worth without the first part of red stone that my lave flowing in from the side would block

  16. 2. Game is not good , you killed the chicks 🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺🥺😭

  17. Cobel generator doesn't work on ps4 edition

  18. The chicken hunt and the cobblestone one didn't work I think it's because I did the redstone wrong or I play in MCPE 1.20.15 or I have turned on experiments

  19. dig 1 hole and put redstone and redstone block on top and piston left and put other piston right facing forward and put redstone block and put a door.

  20. I really like that shooting gallery, maybe I will get back on Minecraft after 3 years!

  21. There is a new update now you can edit signs

  22. i have a idea: Lava Run. use anything that falls on player standing on it and if you fall you will fall into a pit of lava. 20 levels of the run and there is a reward at the end

  23. 9:45 Is a minigame official of Minecraft legacy? (Wii u or xbox 360)

  24. А в чем смысл последней игры

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    What should we build next?

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