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5 Best Co-Op Games on Nintendo Switch

Cozy Gamer Cris
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  1. Wtf!!? Those are your top 5????? Counting sure is under rated

  2. I just wish i had a friend to play all these nice games. I wish for nothing more than a gaming friend who would play with me! 😭

  3. Bro you can’t play it takes two on the switch

  4. can u play co-op with a friend who's using steam in PC and me in a nintendo?

  5. I have oled switch 😂😂😂

  6. 3 hrs to complete goose game? thats quack

  7. It takes two is extremely easy for anyone that has gone through any 3D mario games. That game is aimed for low skilled players. As for the humour, it's aimed at adult, not kids. Really weird game.

  8. I love the untitled goose game, def a classic

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