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30 BEST Single-Player Games From Recent Years You NEED TO PLAY

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Despite the rise of live service and multiplayer-focused titles, the past several years have been extremely good for single-player titles.

From enormous role-playing games and open worlds to action-packed adventures, these are 30 of the best single-player games that you have to play.


  1. The Last of Us 2 legitimately sucked storywise. Gameplay was nice but overall everything was a step down from the original.


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  3. Played ratchet and clank and found it a very dull platformer.

    Ghost of Tsushima I paid full price and was very disappointed. Most disappointing exclusive yet.

    Currently playing list judgement and I'm absolutely loving it

    God of war PS4 was boring compared to the older games

    Loved RE2, I have several copies and played through it so many times

    My problem with village is that people complained about RE5+6 for being action yet they loved village for going back to being action…..

    Uncharted 4 was the worst in the series

    Last of us mas mediocre at best

  4. I played almost all of them, accept Metal Gear Solid 5, Sentinals: Aagis Rim and Half Life Alyx. But where is Hollow Knight and Nier Automata?

  5. I hate the new face in the Spider-Man remastered 👿👿
    Definitely prefer the first one.! 😭😭

  6. Write your own script pls can't tell you never for this 1

  7. RE2 remake, out of no where, became one of my fav games ever.

  8. Sekiro’s final boss is the hardest boss I’ve ever fought

  9. I wish these guys would do a countdown instead of just randomizing it. Hell, doing it in alphabetical order would be great too.

  10. Outer wilds and Subnautica are 100 percent missing from this list.

  11. A bit too… Mainstream games. Imo

    Edit. : even more boring mindless mainstream than I was expecting damn. Just listed 30 AAA title. Cool.

  12. I think nioh and especially nioh 2 deserve a spot on this list.

  13. Replace Last of Us2 with Mass Effect Trilogy

  14. I don't have to scroll through the comments to know that many are going to blast you for not including Nier Automata

  15. Never heard an American say 'muck about' before. Very British.

  16. So essentially, you need a state-of-the-art PC, VR Gear, XBox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, and no social life. Check 😉

  17. Some of this games are multi-player games. But whatever

  18. I would have added Spider-Man Miles Morales to the list at the same level as Spider-Man. It improves quite a lot from the first game and the visuals are way better that the remaster.

  19. Here's your next list GamingBolt
    1_Hollow knight
    2_cup head
    3_doom 2016& eternal
    4_Death stranding ( for some people)
    5_Titan fall 2
    6_fallout 4 after installing a lot of mods
    7_The dishonored series
    8_Shadow warrior 1&2
    10_Dark wood
    11_a night in the woods
    12_Nier automata
    13_Devil may cry 5
    14_Dying light
    15_Far cry 5
    16_Forza Horizon series
    17_Hell blade senioa's sacrifice
    19_The Outer Wilds
    20_Wasteland 3
    21_The metro series
    22_What remains of Edith Finch
    23_The artful escape
    24_Yakuza series
    The last 6 are up to you

  20. I'm surprised you didn't included DMC5, Doom Eternal and Psychonauts 2

  21. Not sure why the Demon’s Souls remake is on here tbh, especially when something like Hollow Knight isn’t on here

  22. I was always a Xbox guy until last year I bought my friends ps4 pro because he never used it. Man I have been introduced to so many amazing games since then. I can’t believe all this time I’ve been missing out. Ps4 exclusives >

  23. No Shadow of the Colossus?! You have made an error, sir!

  24. Great list, but I’d definitely add Nier Automata and Hollow Knight

  25. I have enough for micro transactions and loot boxes, thanks for the video

  26. Yes, yes, right, played it, played….13 sentinels what?!?!?!?! Interesting…

  27. agree with a lot if the picks but the monotone yank accent is hard to fall asleep to

  28. If witcher 3 and red dead 2 is so low on your list than you have no idea what what a good single player story driven games is . Monster hunter world is a boring single player game atleast what i have heard from reviews , its more fun if you played with other people online. Its still a good list maybe should have added resident evil 7 and far cry 5. The map/open world of far cry 5 is so beautiful and that ending was a big twist.

  29. 16 out of 30 owned. All I wanted was a pass so… BOOHYHA

  30. Holy jabroni, what a great list.
    Hades, Bloodborne, RE2, God of War, Uncharted: Absolute killers 🗡

  31. I don’t care what people think, but Hades is a mobile game at best. I didn’t enjoy it at all

  32. Outer Wilds, Hollow Knight, Subnautica and Nier Automata should be on this list.

  33. I would add Days Gone. Very underrated game.

  34. Control is nowhere near a Metroidvania style game. It's a 3rd person action adventure game. When I heard that I realized everything I just watched was a waste of time. Really dude?

  35. Definitely missing Crash Bandicoot 4 or Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy – unique series.

  36. Anyone have a time machine that can take me to February 19th, 2022?

  37. I refuse to play pvp shit ruined single player games

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