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30 BEST Single-Player Games From Recent Years You NEED TO PLAY

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Despite the rise of live service and multiplayer-focused titles, the past several years have been extremely good for single-player titles.

From enormous role-playing games and open worlds to action-packed adventures, these are 30 of the best single-player games that you have to play.


  1. Feels good to know that i have played almost all of em.

  2. The Last of Us 2 over Day's Gome…nope. As soon as that divisive pile of dumpster fire showed up, I checked out. The story is terrible, the game is a slog, and it was all done to tear apart the community apart. It worked.

  3. Without Hellblade the list is irrelevant. Would even pick some of the Assassin's Creed games over much of this list.

  4. Celeste and Hollow Knight should be on here. I also quite enjoyed Octopath Traveler and Dragon Quest 11.

  5. Single player 3rd person games are my favorite

  6. you lost a few important ones: Skyrim; Dragon Quest XI; Mass Effect 2/3; Tales of saga…

  7. So we're just gonna pretend that Jedi fallen order doesn't exist…

  8. Out of 30 games listed, how many of them featured combat and fighting and killing? 27? LOL. This is what the human race find fun. Maybe we are sick after all.

  9. resident evil 2 remake is one of my favorite games, ever. don't know if i've ever had a better gaming experience.

  10. Days Gone deserves a spot. Nioh 1/2 as well.

  11. The list is absloute dogshit
    Assassin's creed origins.. odyssey..valhalla are better than almost 80% of ur dogshit list in terms of open world single player combat story and graphics
    Absloute dogshit

  12. Other games:
    – Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal
    – Prey
    – Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider
    – Nier Automata
    – DMC5
    – Dragon Quest XI S

  13. Did you say Ratchet and Clink sir? and your supposed to be the expert.

  14. 9:14 good thing that girl was flat chested or the samurai would had gotten a sword through its nuts lol

  15. This story sucked.

    Vampire the masquerade blood lines?

    Mass effect?

    Detroid become human?

    Assasins creed ?

    Fallout 4 ? (Well all of then)

    Dragon quest 11? (The last one)

    I have more if you need an actual good list

  16. Control & Jedi Fallen Order are #1 and #2 for me

  17. diablo II
    blade and sword (best feature is combos which i miss)
    dungeon siege
    Fable The Lost Chapters
    dragonage origin
    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem
    Divine Divinity
    torchlight II Titan Quest Anniversary
    Hazen : The Dark Whispers
    Shadows Heretic Kingdoms
    Victor Vran – Overkill Edition
    Van Helsing
    silver gog game
    Warlords Battle Cry II
    Heores of Annhiliated Empires

  18. Borderlands 2 is for me still the greatest single player game ever..
    Yes it can be played in co-op as well..
    But I can count on one hand how many times I've played it with others..
    And with over 2000 hours racked up on it and still going…
    This game for me is gonna take some beating.

  19. Interesting way to position games after games.
    Kept me interested throughout the video even tho there is only a handful of games that I haven’t already played.

    Handful of games expression: 5 games that I haven’t played from the list.

    I’m glad you put control out there too this game is absolutely amazing and I’ll play it again on both ps5 and XBSX since we got the upgrade I haven’t replayed. But this game is one of my top 10 of all time.

  20. I figured for certain days gone would’ve been on this list??

    It’s like playing the last of us the Witcher red dead redemption in Grandtheft auto combined w. Some resident evil due to the post apocalyptic zombie thing but it’s an amazing game on a good level of quality it’s as good as. Witcher3 are three

    To put it lightly it’s one of the absolute best story centered single player games I’ve ever experienced!!

  21. Senua Hellblade is a great single player game too. Great soundtrack as well

  22. I got Disco Elysium and Witcher III, but not finished yet. Actually not really started, as I played a lot of MP recently. Also there are many other great SP games not mentioned here. You omitted the genre of construction and simulation, so I would like to add Anno 1800, Dyson Sphere Program, Factorio, Satisfactory (at least one of them despite available Multiplayer for those except DSP (not yet at least).

    What about strategy like Paradox titles (e.g. Stellaris), X-Com Series, Civ VI, Humankind, Into the Breach? Also please have a look at some niche puzzle games like Opus Magnum, or Inscryption next time.

    I know some of those titles are not as fresh anymore, but still great and getting expanded. And let's not forget Cyberpunk 2077, which hopefully in 2022 becomes the game we deserve and hoped for.

    PS: Forgot to mention CRPGs like Divinity OS II or upcoming Baldur's Gate 3.

  23. If I had to make a list, Resident Evil 2 remake will occupy that number 1 spot. It is just perfection.

  24. The story of last of us 2 is the main trash though 🗑

  25. You forgot F.I.S.T. (Forged in Shadow Torch)

  26. Could you please consider adding the sound of the games into your videos? I like that your channel is so informative but the sound is just a person talking.

  27. Control been in the list is bit of a reach let alone Gears 5?
    God of War is the only decent AAA game in a long time.

    Edit: Village? Really? I think this need to be a top ten and you delete some of these filler games you've winged in.

    No DOOM 2016? Battlefield 1? Hitman? Cuphead? No Man's Sky..

    So many games that come out that piss on some of the trash in this list.. even Fallout 4 with all its faults is better than 30% of this list.

    Even some recent indie titles like Prognostic, Love Sam, Visage (this alone pisses on RE2 and Village combined), At Dead Of Night, Trenches, The Mortuary Assistant.

    I know this is all subjective but fuck me.. 50% of this list would not make the top 200 of the last ten years.

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