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3 to 4 Player Arcade Games on PC – MameUI64 0.150 – 1080p 60fps

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00:16 – 4 Player Games (40 Games)
05:43 – 3 Player Games (20 Games)
08:29 – 2 Player Games (40 Games)

All in all 100 games of multiplayer fun.

The only games in this video that needs clone roms for maximum players are:

Alien Storm
Desert Assault
Tank Force

For the rest it’s either Service menu or dipswitch settings you need to change to enable maximum players.
(Unless the game has max players by default)

Example 1:
To get maximum players in “Alien VS Predator” you go into service menu (F2).
Chose “Configuration”, “System” and change “Player Mode” to 3 players.
(You can pick 1 Chute. It’s how many coin slots that is going to be used)
Press start for both player 1 and 2 at the same time to exit and save.
Restart game.

Example 2:
To get maximum players in “Battletoads”
Press “Tab” and go to “Dip Switches”
Set “Three Players” to ON.
Restart Game

You only need to change these settings one time for every game and then it will be saved.

Everything played using wired Xbox 360 controllers.


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  1. Nice! How do you connect two controllers to MAME? Both my Wii U pro controller and Xbox 360 controller work on MAME but never at the same time. Thanks!

  2. Ok I'm 33 I've been searching for probably 20 years of an arcade game that was similar to armored warriors same type of graphics and where the screen guides you and it was like double dragon if I remember correctly… Like there was a blue guy in an armored suit and a red guy in an armored suit I've never been able to find it any help would be awesome…. It was so long ago it could have been armored warriors but to me thats more mech suits and not armored soldiers

  3. 0:00 What is the name of the music at the beginning of this video??,

  4. Dónde te puedo contactar qukero un juego de 4 jugadores

  5. Thank you very much! This selection made it easy to make 2, 3 and 4 player collection on my retropie!
    If you can, please make an updated version of this video! We all be appreciate it

  6. No Quartet, Pigskin, Stoneball or Cyberball? All 4 are killer 4 player titles.

  7. No this is no
    Ja tu
    Muzak kar raha tha I LOVE YOU


  8. Sabes si metal Slug se puede jugar de 3 o 4 players? en NAME o NEO?

  9. arabian fightarabian magicBattle circuitbomberman worldBucky O'hareCaptain america ATACaptain commandocrime fighterDyD ShadowdyD Tower of doomDesert assaultGi JoeGauntletGolden axe TRodaGrowlHookKarate BlazersKnights of Valour 2Light BringerMetamorphic ForceMystic warriorsNinja baseball bat manOriental legendSaturday night slam mastersSilent dragonSnow bros 2 WNESpiderman TVGSunset ridersTank ForcesThe ninja kidsThe simpsonsVendettaTMNTTMNT Turtles in TimeTrogWild West COW BOMMWWF WrestlefestXmen3 PLAYERS :Alien StormAlien vs predatorArmored WarriorsBattletoadsCadillas and DinosaursHot RodKnights of the roundMercsMJ's MoonwalkerNight SlashersNitro BallRampageRampage WTSuper SprintThe combatribesThe king of dragonsTurbo forceUndercover copsViolent stormWarriors of fateThanks for this information 🙂

  10. i played battle circuit netplay 4 players and was awesome!

  11. Nice list, but how did you forget double dragon. one of my favourate game. and zero team and top hunter… come one..

  12. dude, do i need the same exact emulator you have to play these games? why can't i configure my controls with my gamepad wtf?

  13. does anybody know witch one of these nice arcade games came out on the super Nintendo or any playstation. I need to know please. ..thanks

  14. Thank you so much for this! I was looking for some Multiplayer-Games for MAME, because me and some friends wanted to play some of them. We only had Vendetta, TMNT-Turtles in Time, Night Slashers, Alien vs. Predator and Cadillacs&Dinosaurs… finally we have enough 😀

  15. Do you have a list of games so I can print out? This was super helpful!

  16. lol salamander/salamander 2 and virtual-on is missing

  17. do you still have the 4 player hook rom? i can only find 2 player versions

  18. Thanks for the list of 3-4 players games, gonna have some fun with a couple of friends tomorrow!

  19. Was the output resolution of MAME 1080p or just your video encode?

  20. Glad I looked at the video description. Didn't know what the switches did in the emulators.

  21. hi my mame cabinet is fantastic and i have all of these games, they are alot more pixelated on my screen though, is there a way i can make it smoother like in this video?
    thanks in advance

  22. How about in android?? im using ipega controllers..😁😂😀

  23. How to make Tekken Tag Tournament 2 playable with 4 players as well?

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