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3 to 4 Player Arcade Games on PC – MameUI64 0.150 – 1080p 60fps

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00:16 – 4 Player Games (40 Games)
05:43 – 3 Player Games (20 Games)
08:29 – 2 Player Games (40 Games)

All in all 100 games of multiplayer fun.

The only games in this video that needs clone roms for maximum players are:

Alien Storm
Desert Assault
Tank Force

For the rest it’s either Service menu or dipswitch settings you need to change to enable maximum players.
(Unless the game has max players by default)

Example 1:
To get maximum players in “Alien VS Predator” you go into service menu (F2).
Chose “Configuration”, “System” and change “Player Mode” to 3 players.
(You can pick 1 Chute. It’s how many coin slots that is going to be used)
Press start for both player 1 and 2 at the same time to exit and save.
Restart game.

Example 2:
To get maximum players in “Battletoads”
Press “Tab” and go to “Dip Switches”
Set “Three Players” to ON.
Restart Game

You only need to change these settings one time for every game and then it will be saved.

Everything played using wired Xbox 360 controllers.


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  1. Recently bought two twin gamepad. gonna play all these rom.

  2. hey man,thank you for this video, i really apreciate it !
    luv from central europe <3

  3. muy buenos juegos subiste likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  4. great selection, it will be very useful for me and my family ! But man, you forgot PIT FIGHTER, the greatest 3 players arcade game of all time !!

  5. How can I get this ? I would appreciate it if you could help me out , are you selling it ?

  6. Can you make it default into 1-4 player selection? Thanks

  7. Maneiro demais ficou o vídeo, ganhei um console MediaGameBox nem consegui jogar 10 por cento dos quase 7 mil games que vem instalado. Se alguém tiver interesse segue o nosso canal e veja os vídeos.

  8. Ok any one say I played this all games in 1 gamepad 1keyboard

  9. Awesome Thanks!!!!! So this should work to set up player 3 and 4 on 4player mame roms?(TMNT, simpsons, XMEN). i have a custom standup 4player arcade but none of the 4 player arcade roms will recognize player 3 and 4 properly. Appreciate any input.


  10. Great, but you forgot my favrite 3 players game, B.Rap Boys where you're delinquants en teenagers this game is really awesome.

  11. Anyone have an idea how to set up player 3 and 4 on 4player mame roms?(TMNT, simpsons, XMEN). i have a stand-up 4player arcade but none of the 4 player arcade roms will recognize player 3 and 4 properly. MAME config wont accept controller config for the 3rd or 4th controls…..Appreciate any input.

  12. My fav Sunset Riders, Mercs, Undercover Cops, Sengoku and Metal Slug!!!

  13. Awesome! Know of any downloads that are strictly for multiplayer mame games?

  14. tell me how to download and how to istall this games

  15. Wizard of war 14:24 is on MAME, but that 1080 p quality is questionable

  16. There was a four player, side scroller shooter that I've been trying to find for years. I think it was a generic Contra sytle game with four different color characters, red, blue, yellow, green. The game would have to be pre-1994, maybe the late 80's. Wish I could find it somewhere.

  17. I had played 16 games from this list and thank You for the video,because i couldn't recall game names by my self.I'm going to find them all now.It's time to fall in nostalgia with my brother…

  18. I'm searching for the arcade videogames I used to play in my pc when I was a kid. I didn't understand English during that time and couldn't pass some levels. I want my inner kid to beat some videogame asses now that I can understand everything :3

  19. I'm thinking of a game that had three players and it was dungeon-style like Gauntlet. At points you get stalked by some giant golem.
    You're on a mysterious island and you have to find your way around and kill all the monsters.
    One guy had a whip, like Indiana Jones. I think another was a woman and the third was scientist of some sort.
    You could throw a stick of dynamite as a special pick-up. Anyone have a clue what I am talking about?

  20. I disagree with the title to this video. It says “3 to 4 player…” several of these games are 2 player. I was interested in the 3 to 4 because I’m not knowledgeable of all those games.

  21. Alguien tendrá los roms de 4 players games?

  22. 0:17, 4 players 5:41, 3 players 8:27, 2 players


    arabian fight

    arabian magic

    Battle circuit

    bomberman world

    Bucky O'hare

    Captain america ATA

    Captain commando

    crime fighter

    DyD Shadow

    dyD Tower of doom

    Desert assault

    Gi Joe


    Golden axe TRoda



    Karate Blazers

    Knights of Valour 2

    Light Bringer

    Metamorphic Force

    Mystic warriors

    Ninja baseball bat man

    Oriental legend

    Saturday night slam masters

    Silent dragon

    Snow bros 2 WNE

    Spiderman TVG

    Sunset riders

    Tank Forces

    The ninja kids

    The simpsons



    TMNT Turtles in Time


    Wild West COW BOMM

    WWF Wrestlefest


    3 PLAYERS :

    Alien Storm

    Alien vs predator

    Armored Warriors


    Cadillas and Dinosaurs

    Hot Rod

    Knights of the round


    MJ's Moonwalker

    Night Slashers

    Nitro Ball


    Rampage WT

    Super Sprint

    The combatribes

    The king of dragons

    Turbo force

    Undercover cops

    Violent storm

    Warriors of fate

  23. Gracias por tu aporte, algo tan sencillo de hacer y que no sabia, capitán comando lo tenia mal configurado y solo aparecía 2 players y hasta lo busque de 4 player sin saber que solo se movía desde el menu y listo! Gracias mil

  24. can you make more video about 4 player game ? this is really help me alot thankj you

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