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25 GREAT Couch/Local Co-Op Games To Play With Friends

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Here are over 25 Great Couch/Local Co-Op Games To Play With Friends (that may or may not ruin friendships.
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Note: I am not responsible to damage to relationships, property or feelings.

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  1. I am not liable to damages to friendships, objects or feelings. 🙂

  2. Great options played it with some friends and lost a couple

  3. magicka, dungeon defenders I, outwards, risk, overcooked, geometry wars, new super mario bros wii emulator

  4. Thanks for the recommendations!! Def gonna check out a couple of these 😆

  5. Where from do I know the song that starts at around 3:27 it is so very close to reach in my empty void of a brain

  6. List of games in the video
    1. Lovers in a dangerous spacetime
    2. Ember knights
    3. Castle crashes
    4. Rounds
    5. Overcooked 2
    6. Wizards of Legend
    7. Keep talking and nobody explodes
    8. As dusk falls
    9. It takes two
    10. Death squared
    11. Human fall flat
    12. Spiderheck
    13. Knights and bikes
    14. Unravel two
    15. Pummel party
    16. A way out
    17. Portal two
    18. Moving out
    19. Escape academy
    20. Keywe
    21. The Quarry
    22. Guacamelee
    23. Stick fight
    24. Cuphead
    25. Spiritfarer

  7. I would also highly recommend the following games for couch screen sharing; cave blazers, Heroes of hammerwatch, crawl, nidhog 2, and starwhal

  8. what about diablo 4, is it great to play 2player local co-op?

  9. After playing it takes two I don't think I will ever enjoy any other game 😢😢😢😢

  10. why games are either pixelated retro style or either have zombies on co-op…. why no games like borderlands, division, ghost recon around?

  11. Dungeon defenders. The original one. With the redux mod. Most played game I have, the kids love it.

  12. All this game can play like 1 keyboard and 1 Switch in 1 pc ?

  13. Some people you will love and play together so much that they will become an entity in your head. You will understand their thoughts and behaviours just by how they play. If you two ever part ways…you will both be left with that ghost entity of each other in your heads. Any time you play a game…they will follow. Any time you sleep…they will follow.

  14. don't know how Sackboy didn't make it on this list

  15. I just don't get it: I own and have beaten It Takes Two and it's just a platformer. It doesn't have tight controls or compelling action, it's just another game.

  16. Just got a lenovo legion go and looking for games to play with friends and my son. thanks!!

  17. it takes two is the best for me.. not just could play local, but also a really great mechanic, scene, story, environment and everything…

  18. So the only ones playable local are the ones with (local) on the video?

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